Pushing fulfillment latency for Amazon listings

In addition to updated stock qtys, Finale can now also update fulfillment latency for Amazon listings.

 fulfilment latency for Amazon listings

Fulfillment latency is an Amazon configuration to mark an item as requiring additional lead time to ship. The default value on Amazon is one to two business days, and if you do not need to change the fulfillment latency (also know as handling time) for Amazon, there is no additional steps required.

If your merchant-fulfilled Amazon listings require custom fulfillment latency settings (e.g. you sell customized products that require a longer lead time), you can configure these settings in Finale.

If it is set on a specific product, it will be updated with the regular inventory update feed. For example, when set to 5 days, it will appear on Amazon with a message like: “Processing takes an additional 4 to 5 days for orders from this seller.”

It can accept any integer value between 1 and 30. The next time an Amazon inventory update is sent, the value will be updated automatically since it gets included in the inventory feed.

Finale also has the capability to change the fulfillment latency to use the supplier lead time if you run out of stock on a specific product and need to create a purchase order from a supplier.  Additional, Finale can handle complex calculations when the product involves a kit, and the products in the bill of materials has different fulfilment latency for Amazon listings.

To set-up fulfillment latency or handling times for Amazon listings, please visit this page.

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