QuickBooks Integration is right around the corner

Hi Team,

We have been hard at work addressing a top customer request and are in the final stages integrating Finale Inventory with QuickBooks.

It will integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks and allow you to easily track your inventory across all sales channels on one place. Additionally, you will be able to connect your purchase orders, your vendors, your customers, your sales orders, and much more.

Mitigate data issues that may occur from repetitive data entry across multiple systems while freeing your time on what is important – managing your business to ensure you have the right product in the optimal quantity on your shelves at the time you need it.

Interested in using the QB integration early and giving us a helping hand?  If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]  We would love to get your feedback on the integration and incorporate your feedback before before making it available to all our customers.


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