Reorder email notifications

With the new reordering notifications, you will quickly know what products need to get reordered.  In lieu of logging into your account, Finale can be configured to email you reorder email notifications you when it’s time to reorder.

reorder email notifications

Reorder email

From the ‘Account Settings’ sections, you can decide which type of emails notifications you want to to receive:

1.  Reorder changes – When this notification is selected, Finale will send you an email whenever a product needs to get reordered.

2.  Reordering summary – When this notifications is selected, Finale will send a complete daily summary of the products that need to get ordered.   Additionally, you can select when you want the daily summary to be sent.

With either email notification, each user can specify which reordering location. If a summary of the reordering for all locations is desired, simply select ‘All locations’ for the “Locations” filter.

reorder email notifications, Reorder email notifications

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