Reorder points for stock replenishment

Finale makes the process of purchasing new item to replace items that have been used or sold easy with a report point based replenishment system.  The system works with Finale multi-location inventory tracking capabilities to reduce stock outs at all locations.

Each product can have a reorder level specified for each location.   The system includes a dashboard with current information on stock levels versus the reorder levels for all products at all locations, with live filtering capabilities to drill down to see exactly which products need to be ordered.  The reorder screen makes it as easy as pressing single button to generate a purchase order for products whose stock levels are below their reorder levels.

Since Finale is available is available over the web, it makes it easy for each site manager to update current stock levels.  The purchasing process can be managed at each site or centrally, but in any case Finale will always provide a view of stock levels and reorders across the entire company to ensure consistent processes are being applied.

Our documentation website includes complete information on using reorder points for stock replenishment.

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