Save time with barcode scanning

Simple and effective barcode scanning in now available in Finale’s inventory software.  Save time with barcode scanning.

Since we launched Finale, we’ve heard customers express interest in making their operation more efficient with barcoding.  They have also listed similar concerns:

  • They don’t know where to start putting together a system
  • They’ve purchased hardware but haven’t been able to get it to work for their business
  • They see companies struggle with complex scanning processes that just waste time

Our customers tell us that ease of use is one of the great strengths of Finale.  Listening to their concerns about barcoding, we’ve focused on ensuring that barcoding is every bit as easy to use as the rest of the system.

Barcoding in Finale builds on a few key concepts: the scan key, the scan lookup table and the scan session.  The scan key is the actual number or code on a bar code label, which does not have to be the same as the product ID or lot ID.  The scan lookup table tracks the relation between a scan key and a product ID, packing, and/or lot ID in the software. The scan session is a sequence of scans recorded together.  Once complete, the user triggers a single menu command to copy information from the scan session into a purchase, sale, or transfer.

The barcode scanning section of the software contains specialized screens for working with scan keys and scan sessions.  These screens are designed to the process of scanning barcodes fast and easy, and ensure that support for scanning does not make the existing user interface screens more complicated.

Save time with barcode scanning

Barcode scan session screen makes scanning fast.

The scan lookup table provides flexibility for working with existing bar codes on items.   For example, the items may already have a bar code label placed on them by the manufacturer that is different than the product ID in Finale.  When the label is scanned the first time into a scan key, the scan session screen allows the user to assign the scan key to the correct product.  In the future, whenever an item is scanned with that scan key, Finale will immediately display the assigned product.  If the manufacturer changes their bar code label, there is no problem since Finale scan connect the scan key from the new label to the same product.

Alternatively, the items may have a bar code label with a serial number.  The scan key for that label will be associated both with the product ID for the item and the serial number (the serial number is placed in the Finale lot ID field).  The scan session screen makes receiving a shipment containing many items with the same product ID and different serial numbers quick by providing a mode where new scan keys automatically fill the product ID from the product ID on the previous scan and the lot ID with the value of the scan key.  This is one of ten modes designed to quickly add new scan keys to the system.

Look for the barcode scanning feature today under Quick Links on the home screen in Finale Inventory.  As always, feel free to email [email protected] or call to discuss how best save time with barcode scanning in your operation.

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