Sears Multichannel Integration is now Available

We are been continuing to expand our integrations for our multi-channel sellers and are excited to announce Finale now has support for Sears multichannel sellers.  Some multi-channel seller look beyond eBay and Amazon and have found Sears as a viable option to increase their selling channels and generate incremental sales.

Sears multichannel

Sophisticated sellers know that it is too risky to rely on a few selling channels.  If your online store doesn’t work out or you are unable to sell on a certain marketplace, you need to have other channels that are still selling your products. Multiple sales channels can translate to multiple streams of revenue.  Additionally, Sears offers businesses a unique way for customers to access their goods as buyers can purchase items from any Sears store kiosk.

With Finale, you can use the Sears inventory management software to manage all of your sales channels from a single.  Adding Sears to Finale is simply as (1) entering your Sears API credentials to connect Finale to your Sears account and (2) telling Finale which products you want Finale to update.

More information on the Sears inventory management solution can be found here

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