Creating different price points for your customer segments

We introduced a small customer enhancement to allow you to easily set different price points for your different customer segments.  This was a frequent request, and we thank everyone who reached out to us.

1) Under Application Settings > Product, we have added to new configuration module “Selling Prices” to allow you to set different prices of the same product to different segments.  Create as many customer segments as you need; there is no limit. For example, this configuration would allow you to easily establish different prices for your wholesale and retail customers.

  • The first step is to name your the different segments.  In this illustration, we named the customers ‘Wholesale’, ‘Preferred A’, and ‘Preferred B’.

2) Edit your master Excel (or csv) product list with the different price point for each product for each customer segment.

  • In this illustration, we would create three additional columns – ‘Wholesale’, ‘Preferred A’ and ‘Preferred B’ in the product file.
  • For each product, input the product price for each customer group.
  • After you finalize the product list, upload the revised file.

3) After setting up the pricing levels, you can easily create customized pricing for when you create a new sales order.  Changing the product prices is conducted through the “price level” drop-down menu.  Your sale order will immediately populate the correct pricing on the sales order by simply select the customer segment (e.g. ‘Wholesale’, ‘Preferred A’, and ‘Preferred B’).

Know something we should address in the near-future?  We would to love to hear from you. Please email feature requests to [email protected]  Thanks.

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