Tracking discounts in cloud inventory software

A complete cloud inventory application includes more than just stock levels: purchasing, barcodes, business reporting, invoicing and many other capabilities are all necessary to making the system an integral part of operating your business.  Over the past several years our team has continuously been improving and extending Finale to become the most complete cloud inventory system available, rolling out significant extensions two or three times per month.

Our latest extension add the ability to track discounts and fees associated with sales orders and included on invoices.  These entries can be entered manually on each order, or you can create presets (such as a standard 3% cash discount or $25 shipping fee) that can be reused from order to order.  Discounts and fees interact with with the sales tax tracking capability in the Finale cloud inventory software as well, such that each entry can be marked taxable or non-taxable.  All these ites (taxes, discounts, and fees) flow into the Finale’s business reporting module so you can quickly see how aggressively you are discounting and how much you are collecting in additional fees.

The following video shows editing taxes, discounts and fees for a sale, as well as how configure preset discounts and fees:

Combined with Finale’s existing invoicing, business reporting and customizable document generation capabilities, the discounts and fees feature enable Finale to be a complete quote to invoice solution for small business.

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