Finale tracking Etsy product variations

Our Etsy inventory management solution has been improved to allow Etsy sellers to easily keep track of product variations stock levels. Not having the ability for tracking Etsy product variations, frustrated Etsy power sellers are keenly aware that Etsy does not have the ability to set variation skus for their listings with product variations. Etsy only allows creating a product listing with a list of multiple variations.

Regardless of which variation is sold, Etsy will provide the ‘SKU’ and list out the product attribute(s). When a product is sold, the information provided for the order will be something like “SKU ‘DR-LV-MTO’, dress color = lavender, size = 3T”.

Since a unique variation sku is not available, most inventory management solutions can only read the sku ‘DR-LV-MTO’ and cannot keep track of the inventory of the product variation. Since all the variations have the same sku, most inventory solution would incorrectly classify all these variations as a single product.

tracking Etsy product variations

Etsy Product Variations

If you are using ShipStation as your shipping software, Finale provides an innovative solution to keep track of your variations. Finale will concatenate the sku and the product attribute(s) to create a unique marketplace sku.  In this illustration, Finale will create a new variation sku ‘DR-LV-MTO-Lavender-3T” for this specific product and will be able to keep stock level of this variation.

More information on the Etsy inventory management solution can be found here.

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