WiFi Syncing Available for Mobile Barcode Scanners

We are excited to announce WiFi syncing is now available for mobile barcode scanning solution.  Our comprehensive out-of-the-box barcode solution is designed to increase warehouse productivity and inventory count accuracy is more convenient and efficient with WiFi syncing. With barcode scanner wifi sync, you can quickly sync the barcode scanning operations from the scanner’s memory to Finale instead of docking the scanner to the USB cable.

Since each barcode user need to login to the barcode scanner, every barcode operation is now tagged with the user providing you complete visibility and accountability.

barcode scanner wifi sync, WiFi Syncing Available for Mobile Barcode Scanners

WiFi Sync

For current barcode customers, below are details instructions how to get started:

1. QUIT the Finale Data Collector software.

Do not use the X in the upper right corner.  From the Main Menu, use More, More, More, QUIT!

2. Connecting your Barcode Scanner to your WiFi network.  Here are videos on how to connect your scanner to WiFi:

For a GREEN screen Windows 6.1 or earlier, click here.
or for a BLUE screen Windows 6.5, click here.

*If you are unable to connect the scanner to WiFi because of an error message stating the Adapter is not available, follow this step to fix the WiFi Radio not being available.

From the scanner’s Windows Start menu, Go to Settings, System, Remove Programs. You may see a file/program listed in the realm of “disable radios”   Remove that program.

Perform a Hard Boot on the scanner by pressing and holding the  “W” key AND the “C” key AND while holding those two keys down press the Red Power key.  The scanner will reboot.

Then repeat step 2 above to connect your scanner to WiFi.

IF you are unsuccessful in connecting your Scanner to your WiFi network, Contact your network system’s Administrator for assistance or contact the company you purchased the scanner from.

Do not call our support staff as we do not support troubleshooting your wireless network or hardware problems as you try to configure barcode scanner wifi sync.

3. Update the software on the scanner to the latest release from Finale Inventory

Dock scanner to PC.  From Finale Inventory Home screen, choose Barcode scanning, Connect to docked mobile scanner, then click on the Green Button to connect to the scanner. Do not sync the scanner.  Click on link in upper right of screen that says Update scanner software

4. *** IMPORTANT *** Setting update: If you use Shipstation or Shipping Easy and you use the mobile barcode scanner to PICK and PACK the orders, you MUST make a setting change on this new WiFi Sync version of the software.

Go to Settings from the Main Menu of Finale Data collector.

Go to Setting # 47. Sync sale as: Shipped and Change it to Packed, and click done.

5. Undock scanner, and run the new software version.

It will have a  #1 Sync as the first option on the Main Menu.

Enter your account name.  Your account name is in between the slashes on your Finale Inventory Log in URL  For example if your web browser URL for your account is “https://app.finaleinventory.com/ACCOUNTNAME/” enter the account name in lowercase with no spaces when the scanner asks you for your account name.

Enter your username and password you log into Finale Inventory with on the web.

* Once you have successfully connected over WiFi with your account, the scanner will cache the account name and username for 24 hours.  You will have to type your password in again if the scanner loses connection or power.

You will only have to dock the scanner to your PC from now on to update the software, charge the scanner,  or if your wifi does not work or you do not have a wifi connection available.

NOTE: You do NOT use the 1. Sync to sync via the DOCK, you use the Barcode scanning, Connect to docked mobile scanning, Connection button in your browser.

If the warehouse does not have WiFi or the WiFi is spotty, data can still transfer by docking the scanning and syncing via USB.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions with barcode scanner wifi sync.

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