Returns Management

Returns are items that a customer sends back to a company for a variety of reasons. For eCommerce retailers, common return reasons include quality issues, fit issues, and the purchase of multiple sizes with the intent to return.  Finale makes the returns management process returns easy for companies to quickly process returns and return the stock back to your warehouse.

returns management

Returns Management

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Fred with Finale Inventory. Today, we’re going to talk about returns management and illustrate how to create a return from a sales order. So, let’s log into our Finale account, and let’s go to “Sales”.   And let’s find the order that we want to return.

So, let’s choose Order 100. And you can see this customer ordered one product, so let’s go ahead and choose “Create Return.” What that’ll do is it’ll create a return in editable mode. So, you can see the order number that it creates is R, for return, R-100 which is the original order number -1. And the reason why we do a -1 is you can have multiple returns against the same order and each return will have a different sequence number.

So, -1, -2, -3, and so forth. So, we’re going to make sure all the information is correct. So, you see it pulls it over from the order. Now, once we’ve verified that everything looks good, we’re going to receive the return.

On the Receive Return we’re asked for the shipment date, what sub-location we’re going to return it to, and if we want, shipping and tracking. So, we’re going to click “Receive Return.” And now you can see the status is automatically updated to “Closed.” Now it notifies you that all shipments have been received for the return, and the returns management process is finished.

So, if we go back to our Home screen, go back into Sales, and we look at that Order 100, on the Returns tab we now show the return for this order. So, now let’s take a look at a sale that has multiple items where we only want to return one or two of those items. So, we’re going to choose Order 101. This customer ordered three items, so let’s choose Create Return again.

And this time, what we need to do is remove the products that we don’t want to return. So, let’s say this customer, Jimmy Hendrix, wants to keep the guitar. He’s also going to keep the amp, but is returning that pedal. So, we’re going to leave that pedal on. We’re going to click “Save Changes.” Now, we’re going to receive the return again. Same as last time, make sure that the date’s correct, the sub-location we’re receiving it to is correct, and if we want shipment information, we’re gonna receive the return, and that’s it for the returns management process.

So, now if we go back to that sale, these sales, 101 on the Returns tab, you can see we have one return. We can click that link, takes us straight to it. So, we can see what the product was. And that’s it. That’s how you create a Return from Sales Order. Now that we’ve created the Return, one thing you can also do, you can go to View Stock History. You could search that product. And now you can see the sale and now it also creates a record for the Return.

If you have any questions or need any assistance on anything, we’d be happy to help. You can always send us an email at [email protected] You can go to your Help on your header bar to submit a service request. You could also go to the Help Center to find other how-to videos and documents. And you can always give us a call or reach out to us on chat on the website. Thank you, take care.