Returns: Video Tutorial

For some lines of business, returns are tightly bound to sales orders. For other businesses, returns may come back to the warehouse at the end of a season associated only generically with a customer but not a particular sale. Finale Inventory supports returns for a variety of scenarios. This video illustrates a simple case:


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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Will of Finale Inventory. I’m going to give a quick demonstration of product returns.

Coming to the homepage here, if you ship a sale out and then something comes back to you, you can memorialize that return and record it back into your inventory with the “Sales return” command here at the bottom of the Sales column. Let’s pretend I’ve already created a sale. In fact, I have. I’m going to click the “Sale return” function, “Create a new return.:

Sometimes, sale returns are associated with a specific sale, other times, just with a customer, and this particular sale return is from the customer, Foster City. I’m just going to go through the list of items. Actually, first, I’m going to filter it down to “pies” and say that we’re just accepting back into our inventory, into our stock, some pies that were shipped out and have been returned to us. So, we’ll accept two blueberry cakes, one apple, and one boysenberry pie.

Having saved this sale return here, I can now receive the return, which is just like receiving a purchase order. Click “Receive,” enter in the date at which I’ve received the return, and it’s been received. Those two items, those two blueberry desserts items, have just been added back to our quantity on hand of the blueberry pie items. Here they are. That’s all there is to it to handle product returns.