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Finale Inventory is the best cloud inventory software for applications involving high-volume, multi-channel eCommerce and warehouse management.

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4.5 out of 5 Stars
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
4.5 out of 5 Stars
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
4.5 out of 5 Stars
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution

TRUSTED by the world's leading businesses - large and small

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Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
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Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution
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Stock Inventory Management System Software Solution

#1 Rated Inventory Management Software

Designed to be flexible with scalability in mind. Built to solve YOUR inventory needs.

icon - Centralized Inventory

Centralized Inventory

Take the guesswork and busywork out of tracking your inventory. Instead, quickly get an up-to-date count for all your products in one place and easily control your stock in multiple warehouses.  No more days of looking at inventory levels in multiple sources.

Icon - Multichannel Integrations

Multichannel Integrations

With over 40 integrations and counting, Finale allows you to keep all of your Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and all other marketplace listings in sync and up to date by continuously updating the stock levels automatically, ensuring you never oversell your products again.

Icon - Order Management

Order Management

With advanced order management capabilities, Finale helps you manage your product from purchase to sale.  Prevent costly stock outs with Finale's dynamic reordering, consolidate your sales, and understand your gross margins by knowing your landed costs.

Icon - Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Finale Inventory has advanced multi-warehouse inventory management capabilities allowing you to coordinate your inventory across all of your warehouses, locations, and online sales channels, ensuring that your inventory is managed effectively and efficiently, no matter where it is.

Icon - Wireless Barcode Scanning

Wireless Barcode Scanning

Finale has a comprehensive barcode inventory management solution designed to increase warehouse productivity using Android OS barcode scanners.  Advanced batch picking methods, such as wave picking and pick and pack, will improve order picking efficiency and reduce costly picking errors.   

Icon - Barcode Label Generating

Barcode Label Generating

Not only does Finale have an intuitive barcode scanning app, Finale Inventory also has the ability to generate any custom barcode label that you need.  Whether it's warehouse sublocation labels, product labels, serial/batch/lot labels, or customer facing price tags, Finale can generate them with ease.

Icon - Powerful Insights

Powerful Insights

Through the analytics dashboard and our customizable reports, Finale provides you with all of the information needed to quickly make important business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. You can also leverage Finale's open API to integrate your own third party software.

Icon - Landed Costs and Accounting

Inventory Accounting and Landed Costs

Always know exactly what your inventory is worth using Finale's landed costs capability.  Finale’s inventory accounting functions and reports complete the full picture by providing a record of each financial transaction to ensure accurate reporting of figures for financial reports, taxes, or regulatory compliance.

"Before we started using Finale we had an order error rate of 2-3%, so that means out of 100 orders that we shipped, we’d hear from 2 or 3 customers complaining that they got the wrong color, they got the wrong size, they got the wrong quantity.  On average, since we started using Finale, we’ve gone to 0.2% error rate.  We even went 30 days without a single shipping error."

Brett Haney

President, Microfiber Wholesale


Finale integrates with 40+ platforms and we're adding more all the time!

Transparent pricing. No surprises.

We believe in letting our product speak for itself. When you use Finale Inventory, you pay a single flat rate per month based on your number of users, orders and integrations — no extra costs or long-term commitments.  Plus, there are no expensive set-up fees.


$75 / mo
  • 1 users
  • Up to 500 orders/month
  • Up to 2 integrations
  • Multi-location
  • 100,000 products


$199 / mo
  • 4 users
  • Up to 2,000 orders/month
  • Up to 4 integrations
  • Multi-location
  • 100,000 products


$349 / mo
  • 7 Users
  • Up to 5,000 orders/month
  • Up to 7 integrations
  • Multi-location
  • 100,000 products


$549 / mo
  • 11 users
  • Up to 10,000 orders/month
  • Up to 11 integrations
  • Multi-location
  • 100,000 products


$799 / mo
  • 16 users
  • Up to 20,000 orders/month
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Multi-location
  • 100,000 products

Custom pricing also available

Up to 300 users, 1.5 million orders, 1.5 million products.  Call for more info (888) 792-8891

Training and consulting included at no extra cost.

We have collaborated with thousands of companies over the years, and the one commonality is inventory management is slightly different for every company.

Our designers noticed this trend and designed Finale to suit your processes and workflow. We believe in the importance of the human factor in providing a top-quality inventory software solution. As one of our customers, you receive an account manager who listens to your needs. They can provide recommendations, perform customizations and empower you to use Finale with confidence. They can get you up and running, so you can do better business.

Best of all, this service is included in each paid plan.

There are NO additional set-up fees, training fees, or other hidden costs.

stoneglacier (2) (1)

"Finale has been a perfect solution for our growing business. Our business manufactures items that require assembly and kitting. Finale's ability to manage and track each component individually as well as when complete kits are sold is very advantageous for our business.

Jeff Sposito

manscaped (2) (1) (1)

"Manscaped has using Finale for two years now, and it has never let us down. From production to distribution Finale handles it all. Set up & integration was quick and seamless and I could not be happier with the ease of use and reporting. The outstanding support I receive from the Finale team has made me a raving fan!"

Todd Spendley

VP Operations, Manscaped
lifeaid (1)

"Before finding Finale Inventory we were having major inventory control issues. Managing inventory at our 10 warehouses was a challenge but Finale Inventory's simple, easy to use platform was quickly able to solve all of our inventory control issues.They are a big reason why we continue to move up the list of America's top 500 growing companies."

Mike Gilberg

Logistics Manager, LifeAid

"Finale Inventory changed everything for our company. Instead of having to spend hours tracking parts and pulling together orders, we are now able to monitor everything simply using a mobile barcode scanner and a computer. On top of that, their customer service and technical support team has been phenomenal, as it has allowed Finale to change and adapt to our specific industry and company needs."

Josh Moog

Cable and Sensors warehouse picture

"If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them."

Andres Orjuela

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