Generating an Inventory Asset Valuation report

Tax time is right around the corner, and we have been fielding many questions how to generate an inventory asset valuation report.

To get an asset valuation report, please follow the steps below:

1.  Goto the ‘Reports’ section and click on any “Stock value by …” report

2.  Type in the ending date in the “Stock: Effective Date” field.   For a year-end 2015 asset valuation report, enter “12/31/2015.”  For a 1st quarter 2015 asset valuation report, enter “3/31/2016” in the field.

If the asset valuation report has products with zero valuation, it is most likely due to the fact that Finale does not have an accounting cost for the product(s).

For customers entering the accounting cost of the product, please make the “Std accounting cost” is populated for each product.   The Std accounting cost can be bulk imported or entered manually in the product details page.

For customers using the ave cost capability, please ensure the average cost is being properly calculating by confirming there is a product cost entered in PO when receiving a purchase order shipment.

Please contact [email protected] if you have additional questions.