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What We do

The vision of a smooth running business is what unites the team at Finale Inventory.  We’ve worked with small and medium businesses for nearly ten years creating a SaaS inventory management system that is precisely adaptable to the finest details of each customer's processes.  Coupled with offering world-class on-boarding, training and support, the solution helps companies get ever closer to the vision of a smooth running business.


We’re a fully bootstrapped company that has built a thriving business grounded on long term relationships with our customers and employees.  Not having outside investors keeps us focused on building sustainable growth based on our revenues.


How We Work

Our team has been fully remote since the company’s inception.  We make remote work work by trusting each other, collaborating with each other, and focusing on results over process. 

  • Trust: We hold quarterly meetings to review the product roadmap and the company’s profit and loss statement with the entire team.  We trust each other to understand the company’s business goals and the needs of our customers, and then we trust each other to do their best to achieve those goals. 
  • Collaboration: We work together across disciplines to achieve our goals.  We ask questions, answer them, and learn from each other.  Everyone has a voice. 
  • Results:  We have just enough process for the size of our company, but no more.  We take pride in solving our customers’ problems whether by providing good service or by creating the software that they need.  We limit the number of meetings and keep them focused and efficient.

We have team members in North America, South America, and Europe and are headquartered in Northern California.  Engineers are responsible for designing and delivering features that delight customers and grow the business, building features end-to-end working directly with customers to make sure they meet our users' needs.  Customer Relationship Managers are responsible for sales, onboarding, training, and support to ensure the client base is properly serviced and maintained.


Benefits and Perks

  • Work from anywhere
  • Competitive salary
  • Annual bonus plan based on company performance
  • Liquidity event bonus plan triggered by any sale of the company
  • Great medical, dental, and vision coverage (US employees only)
  • 401k retirement plan with company contribution (US employees only)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Local public holidays + paid time off
  • Computer and software setup

Open Positions