Include supplier quantities to update marketplaces

Dropshipping has become increasingly popular over the years as online sellers continue to try to get an edge in a increasingly competitive online environment.  Drop shipping occurs when retailers do not actually have the item they are selling in their possession. They make arrangements with the wholesaler or the manufacture to directly ship the item when an order is placed by their end consumer. In this relationship, the retailer is only concentrating on marketing the product and generating sales.   To effectively leverage a dropshipper, accurate inventory management is critical for online sellers. Online sellers require updated supplier quantities from the vendors so they can include supplier quantities to update the marketplaces.

Include supplier quantities

This video shows Finale can be configured to include supplier quantities in the stock calculation to update the selling channels.

See the video below for instruction:

Include supplier quantities to update marketplaces

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Video Transcription

Hi. This is Chinh from Finale Inventory and in this session, I’m gonna show you how to include supplier quantities when you configure Finale to push back stock levels back to your shopping carts and marketplaces. This scenario is very common for some of our customers if they are drop shipping or two, as they can secure product really quickly from local vendors. So let me show you how to do that.

So let me go to my products and if I click on, for example, the demo I’ve been using is my polo shirts. So here, you know, the first thing we need to do is we have to have a supplier and here if it says supplier one quantity what you can do is you can import. If you can get a feed from your supplier you can, you know, daily import via Excel file or even a more automated fashion if you can get a feed from your… secure feed from a supplier you can leverage our APIs to basically update these feed. So this quantity here is basically what is used to also take account for the supplier quantity.

For example, here we go back. We have 75 available for sale which normally we would push back to the big commerce store that we had in our demo. And if I put, for example, let’s say the ABC’s t-shirt, can, you know, give you a feed say we have 1000 available. So if I go down here basically it says right here we have 1075 available because we’re taking account the supply of one quantity and also the available numbers. So let’s make the other change for the other one also. Let’s say it’s gonna be 1000 also to make it easy for the math, you know, it’s from EHS and they can supply 1000.

Let’s actually, let’s change it. Let’s say things by 500 and you have another supplier who can supply also 500. So basically it’s 1000 and so is I add this, you know, we should have 1090. Okay? So one of the things we wanna make sure we have configured correctly if we go back to our edit task configuration, one of the things we wanna make sure of is that the include supplier quantities is set to all suppliers. Okay? And before we run it let’s do one more thing as a best practice. We wanna see exactly what Finale is gonna push back to your big commerce store. What we do is we hit stock each store and click on big commerce. So this will tell you exactly what Finale’s pushing back to your store. And it should be, you know, each one should have over 1000 so here we go. 1075 and 1090 to include the supplier quantity.

So lastly let’s just do a manual task and run task now. Here we go. It’s updating it. Again if we go to view status log it shows exactly what we’re doing and we pushed up 1075 for the blue polo shirts and 1090 for the silver polo shirts. Lastly, we should be able to see those changes so let me refresh the screen to update the… So I go back to options and click on skews and there we go, 1090 and 1075.

So that’s how you basically use your supplier quantities especially if you dropship. It’s very valuable if you can get automated feed and leverage our API so that way, you know, as you’re changing quantities you’re constantly feeding new supply quantities into Finale.