Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

multi warehouse inventory management solution

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management Software to Maximize Efficiency

As your business grows, you may add more locations to handle your increased operations. However, managing stock across multiple warehouses can be a challenge for even the most meticulous of inventory managers, especially if their products have high inventory turnover.  Inventory management software is important when managing multiple warehouses because it allows for real-time tracking and updating inventory levels across all warehouses. This can help to prevent stockouts and overstocking, as well as ensure that inventory is distributed and utilized efficiently.

Additionally, inventory management software can also help with forecasting and planning for future inventory needs, as well as generating reports and analyzing data to improve overall inventory management processes.  Finale Inventory with multi-warehouse inventory management support makes keeping track of your inventory items across multiple locations convenient, quick, and effortless and enable a smooth-running business.

Multiple Warehouse Inventory Management

With a complete, multi-warehouse inventory management system, you can:

Accurately track constant movement of inventory between sites:

As a growing business, your inventory travels through multiple locations. Let Finale track this movement with a variety of methods. Thanks to barcode compatibility and instant updates, you can know the location of every item as it passes through your warehouses.

Conveniently check & update stock levels in different locations:

Finale keeps a centralized log of your inventory numbers that you can access from any internet browser. The totals you see at your warehouse in Pittsburgh match the ones you access at your Reno location. When you update your stock information, the numbers update for anyone who accesses the software.

Easily coordinate inventory shipments:

You can manage every shipment that goes in or out of your warehouse through Finale. Our software streamlines ordering, packing and shipping, so you can have a seamless transition from one step to the next. Finale also gives you features that let you stay flexible, such as sending an order in multiple shipments or generating lot IDs.

Keep your warehouse operations simple, efficient and profitable through the powerful features available through Finale. Our cutting-edge software gives you the tools needed to stay at the front of your competition.

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Integrating Across Multiple Marketplaces

Selling items involves multiple forms of technology in the modern industry. In today's world of eCommerce, customers use many channels to buy from their favorite businesses. Your business may also rely on more than one platform to stock, sell and ship your products. Integrations from Finale let you leverage technology related to:


Customers browse websites such as eBay and Amazon to find products like yours. If you sell items on marketplace websites, Finale can track your inventory across platforms, so your warehouse has accurate data.


Whether your customer finalizes their sale at the register or online shopping cart, Finale can track it through your point-of-sale software. When you make a transaction through a platform like Square or Shopify, Finale completes an automatic inventory update.


If you use a fulfillment service to streamline your shipments, Finale can make the process even simpler. Let Finale update your inventory numbers as a platform like ShipStation or Shipping Easy processes an order.

With cross-platform and multi-warehouse support, Finale lets you keep up in an industry that requires you to track multiple channels.

Automatic restocking across warehouses with multiple location inventory management allows you to maintain product levels throughout your business. Set the minimum and maximum inventory numbers you want for an item, then specify a re-order point. Or leverage Finale's advanced restock forecasting capability to implement sales velocity information in dynamic reordering decisions. Regardless of the selected method, you can save time by automating your restock cycle instead of constantly performing the calculations manually.


”Finale is so versatile that we can improvise anything. another powerful tool I've found was "sub-locations". the guys behind Finale must be genius. i wasn't aware of the power of this tool. About a year ago, i came up with an idea of organizing our warehouses in sections or zones and tagging each location. However, I had to put a hold on that idea halfway through since i didn't have a tool to track inventory going in and out of those locations. Finally, I am able to put pieces together with Finale coming to rescue. I found sub-locations together with their barcode scanners extremely powerful organizing our warehouses. Now i can track every single item i buy and sell and know exactly how many i have in stock. Doing a physical inventory was a nightmare before but now it is a snap with Finale. I am still exploring with Finale but i have a full confidence in Finale management team that anything is possible with Finale.”

5/5 Stars

David K.
Savvy Supply
May 22, 2018

Excellent product, wide range of functions, and amazing customer support

”Fully managed warehouse & Inventory with easy to understand setup.  It's very convenient to use, and has a very wide range of functions and compatibility. It also allows us to automate pretty much everything involved in our inventory and warehouse.”

5/5 Stars

Jacob G.
Ontario Beers Kegs
July 26, 2017

Simple & Powerful

”It's everything you need an inventory software to do simply and easily without bloat or unnecessary features. Finale integrates seamlessly with all our sales channels and works perfectly all the time. We have multiple warehouses. Before Finale, I used to have to manually update this inventory from multiple took about 4 hours every week. Now the same exact task takes me about 4 minutes and I do it daily. We are have increased accuracy with less work. The single best feature about Finale is the product lookups that allow you to match multiple sku variations to one primary sku. ”

5/5 Stars

Ember H
Creative Metaphor Design
July 17, 2018