Import products from spreadsheet

import products from spreadsheet

Finale allows you to quickly import products from spreadsheets.  Finale Inventory also supports importing sales orders, transfers, purchase orders, product lists, and stock changes from Excel with simple cut and paste.

This tutorial video shows you how quickly and easily to you import products from spreadsheets with a simple cut and paste process.  If you are switching to Finale Inventory from another stock control system, you can export your product list and stock quantities to Excel and then import them into Finale.

For all these operations, the rows in Excel are the lines of information, the column headers in the first row tell Finale how to match up the columns in Excel with the properties being imported. The video shows how easy the cut and paste process is:

Import into Finale from Excel

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Video Transcription

Hi. This is Tamara with Finale Inventory. Today, I’m going to demonstrate how to import products from a spreadsheet. So we’re gonna start at a spreadsheet and at a minimum, we’ll need two columns: product ID, and description. So let’s say that we’re selling bar stools and we’ll need to enter our product IDs in. So once we have our product IDs and descriptions, we’ll wanna copy this data. Go over to Finale. From our homepage, we’re going  to ‘Inventory’, ‘Products’, and we’re going to import our products directly from the spreadsheet.

Here, we’re gonna go into the Paste Here field, right-click, and paste. So in our summary lines, it’s showing us that we are importing and creating seven new products today. So, in your summary line data, Finale is telling us that we are importing and creating seven new products. And down here, in our column assignments, we have product ID and our corresponding descriptions.

Now, if we made a typo to one of our headers and they’re not the same, Finale doesn’t have a fixed format. And I wanted to quickly show you exactly what that means. Let’s say that your column headers or your product and description was abbreviated. Let’s go ahead and copy this data, and go back into Finale. And we’re gonna paste it in again. So, if you’ll notice, now our column assignments are both unassigned for our product and description, but all we have to do is just click on the down arrow, select product, click column 2, select description, and now we have our items again to import.

And it’s just that simple, so you don’t have to make a lot of changes to your spreadsheet that you’re going to import your data from. So once we’re done, we’re gonna go ahead and click on Next, and come in and click on Next. And just like that Finale has created those new product IDs. So let’s do a quick search for those bar stools. And here they all are: 100523 through 529. So Finale has imported all of the products from our spreadsheet and we’re all done.

And this concludes our demonstration on importing products from a spreadsheet into Finale.