QuickBooks Accounting Integration

With Finale Inventory and QuickBooks Online, You're In Control of the Bottom Line

Unlock the power of QuickBooks Online for eCommerce companies with Finale Inventory's robust integration. By effortlessly pushing key inventory metrics from various sales channels and warehouse locations with Finale to QuickBooks, you'll eliminate tedious manual data entry and appreciate effortless synchronization with accurate financials.

Finale and QuickBooks Online saves you time and reduces human errors with a variety of essential components:

  • Asset valuation
  • COGS
  • Sales per channel
  • Vendor purchase orders
  • Supplier bills
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The robust Quickbooks Online integration built into Finale empowers businesses with automation and accurate inventory data from purchase order to shipped out sales order. No more hassle, just smooth workflows.

Why Sellers and Accountants Love Finale Inventory and the QuickBooks Online Integration

View Real Costs of Kits, Bundles, and Assemblies

Whether a manufacturer needing to understand the cost of finished goods or a brand creating kits or bundles to expand product assortment, Finale clearly outlines costs for all BOMs (bill of materials) for your products so you can accurately determine the cost of finished goods. By understanding the actual costs of products, your business can make informed business decisions and identify opportunities to optimize suppliers, manufacturing processes, or pricing.

Control Sales Revenue Synced to QuickBooks Online 

The QuickBooks Online integration in Finale gives users control to select which sales channels they want to sync revenue for. Whether for different marketplace accounts, sister companies or even a true B2B or B2C split of the business, Finale makes reporting more straightforward and streamlined.

Automate COGS Tracking

Whenever a sales order ships, Finale automatically updates inventory valuation and calculates COGS based on real data to Quickbooks Online. With real-time visibility of inventory valuation data in Finale, you'll get consistent, efficient and accurate financial reporting on your COGS.

Customized, Automated Inventory Reporting

You have the power to tailor reports to suit your business's unique requirements. With adjustments to fields, data filters, calculations and more within Finale, team members can easily customize their report views to focus on the most pertinent metrics. Even better: automated reports means your team is looking at the same data and can make better-informed decisions. This is just another way that Finale helps to remove manual processes in order to improve business processes for eCommerce teams.

Sync Sales Invoices and Asset Valuations

Finale Inventory takes the guesswork out of managing sales invoices and asset valuations. Automatically sync your invoices to QuickBooks Online, providing accurate and up-to-date records as orders are fulfilled. 

Gain profitability insights within your Quickbooks Online Account

Gain profitability insights with A2X and experience streamlined financial data organization, accurate payouts, and reconciliations. Together, Finale, A2X, and QuickBooks Online create a powerful ecosystem that simplifies your eCommerce financial management. Embrace the future of eCommerce finance and take your business to new heights.

Finale's accounting reports provide precise unit counts for your ending inventory and assign accurate values to those units. This information is then seamlessly synced with QuickBooks, recording an exact ending inventory value and calculating the cost of goods sold for the reporting period. 

Real-time QuickBooks syncs: check!

Through automation, Finale Inventory eliminates the need for manual data entry, empowering your financial team to concentrate on more important tasks. With Finale, customer and transaction data is accurately transferred to QuickBooks Online within minutes, ensuring precise account reconciliation and saving valuable time and effort. 

Your team also has full control over the synchronization process, allowing reporting to be tailored to the business’s specific needs: 

  • Set a desired sync date to avoid data duplication and potential reconciliation challenges within QuickBooks Online
  • Choose to sync only summarized journal entries from Finale reports for cost of goods sold (COGS), omitting sales revenue data. 
  • Select to sync revenue based on specific sales channels…and more!

We understand that different scenarios call for different approaches, and our integration offers multiple options to suit your specific needs.

How sellers work with Finale Inventory and QuickBooks Online

Finale serves as a central hub to consolidate all inventory management and accounting tasks for businesses.

Whether your businesses handles finances internally or through an outside accountant or bookkeeper, Finale has you covered. With free, on-demand training for Finale and the QuickBooks Online integration, all stakeholders will be able to seamlessly view and analyze eCommerce sales and inventory data with confidence.  

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Demonstration Video of QuickBooks Accounting Integration

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