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Optimize Your Financials

to Amplify Profitability

Finale helps you fill in those financial gaps

Profitability is the name of the game. You need precise accounting to catch fiscal discrepancies and ensure your team is operating successfully and profitability. With data consolidation, custom reporting, and accounting integrations like QuickBooks Online, Finale Inventory can help facilitate your business's financial development by supplying the right information to the right places.

With Finale, you can gain visibility into your finances and:

Track product costs per supplier to establish profit margins and profitability

Understand the costs and sales for individual kit and bundle components

Categorize income and COGS by sales sources, enabling you to understand channel performance better

Act on reliable reporting for key business decision-making KPIs like accurate inventory valuation, sales velocity per product, and gross profits

Seamlessly integrate sales order and inventory data with QuickBooks Online for comprehensive business financials

Delve into how Finale enhances financial management:

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Landed costs and COGS

Confidently know your costs

Understand profitability through landed costs and COGS. With Finale, gain visibility into product costs with automated average costing calculations.

General ledger

Speak your accountant's language

Finale automatically populates both high-level chart of accounts data and detailed general ledger transactions synced from sales channels and into QuickBooks Online for easy, accurate reporting.

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Custom reporting

Get data tailored to meet your needs

Customize report fields, columns, and notifications per user to meet specific business needs. This enables your team to analyze data in ways that matter most to them within your organization.

Segment by sales source

See summarized sales in a snap

Sales per channel is automatically summarized across your webstores, marketplaces, and physical storefronts, making reconciliation of income and expenses easier.

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Consolidated transactions

Organize your sales channel reporting

Simplify your financial reporting with QuickBooks Online: group transactions according to timeframe and ensure financial statements are presented in manageable detail instead of countless individual transactions.

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