Creating a sales order

If you use Finale Inventory for sales orders and purchase orders (order management), user interface is important to allow to quickly and efficiently create the sales order. These video shows how the process of quickly creating a sales order by typing quantities into a list or entering the items line by line.

Creating a sales order

Creating a sales order with a few items video

Creating a sales order with many items video

Video Transcription

Hi. This is Will of Finale Inventory. I’m gonna give a quick demonstration illustrating the process of creating a large sale order with tens, or hundreds, or even thousands of items really quickly, just like typing in numbers into an Excel document. Switching to Finale Inventory, I begin to create a sale just by clicking on the “New sale” link here. Type in a name for the sale. It’ll come up in a minute. Pick the customer.

Now, one way of creating the sale is just by typing in words that are in the description of the item and then picking the item. So if I type “blueberry,” I only have one item that has blueberry in it which is a blueberry pie. So if I just type the word “blue,” then I pick between quite a number of items that have the word blue in them. Similarly for red. Or I could type in the number from the product ID. Some people have memorized their product IDs. So if I type in “1234,” I get to see the items that contain the number 1234.

So that wasn’t all that bad, except that’s actually the slow way to create a sales order. Some customers have told us that this way feels like looking through a keyhole because they’re always looking through that little dialogue. The fast way is if you click up here on “Products View,” you get to pick your items just like you’re looking at an Excel spreadsheet. Here are all of the items that I have. I can just go through the list and type in the number of items that I want to include in my order: 2 of those, 5 of these, 10 of these, 5 of these. Go through the list, five of these and so forth.

If I wanna filter it down to just the items that contain the word “green,” I type in green up here. Now, all the items I’m looking at contain the word “green.” Take five of these, five of these, five of these, and so forth. The rows in green here are the rows that are included in my sales order. So if I switch back to the sales order, all of those rows that I just typed in numbers are now combined onto this sales order here. I’m ready to ship this sales order except I have this one that’s showing up in red, meaning didn’t have any in stock. So I’m actually gonna zero that one out so I can go ahead and save this sales order.

Go to shipments. Update my shipment to match the sales order. Looks like I didn’t have any of these items either, so it’s asking me where I’m going to draw them from. I only have them in cases. But in my example, I just wanted to ship individual items. So I just zero that out and now save the order and ship it. That’s all there is to it and illustrates the process of creating a large sale order if you have a large number of items in a sales order.

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