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Finale Inventory is a leading inventory management provider. Our high-quality inventory management software can streamline inventory processes and improve business efficiency. And when you combine Finale software with other platforms, you can create a comprehensive improvement to your entire selling process.

One of Finale Inventory's integration options is with Squarespace. This platform simplifies the process of creating an online website. Business owners frequently use the software to establish an online storefront for their products. In addition to its user-friendly website capabilities, Squarespace also has inventory management options. Integrating Finale Inventory's software with Squarespace can enhance your online store and improve inventory processes.

Read on for more information about Finale's Squarespace inventory integrations.

How to Manage Inventory With Squarespace

Using Finale Inventory's Squarespace integration software brings many benefits to your company. In addition to Squarespace's website-building abilities, it can also help with inventory management. With both Finale Inventory and Squarespace's assistance, you can streamline many inventory processes.


ways squarespace assists with inventory management

These are some ways that Squarespace assists with inventory management:

    • Stock level alerts: Squarespace can send automatic stock level alerts when your products are close to running out. Instead of manually checking for product levels, these automatic updates notify you without additional effort. As soon as you receive the notification, you can reorder the necessary amount.


    • Simple updates: Next, Squarespace makes it easy to update product information. The Squarespace platform allows for easy changes, whether you need to change an item's availability or alter its product description. You can also add new prices or implement new items into your inventory with its accessible interface. These quick changes allow you to update your customers on item availability more quickly, helping with customer satisfaction.


    • Reduced time on inventory processes: Squarespace POS also supports inventory components like barcode creation. You can add SKU or UPC numbers to new products. Additionally, you can scan barcodes from existing products into the Squarespace interface instead of having to manually type them in. Without physical typing, the Squarespace barcode scanner quickens procedures and reduces the capacity for human error.


    • Search inventory: The Squarespace app and online platform let you easily navigate your existing inventory. You can search for a specific product, and the app will filter your existing products to find it. Once you find the item, you can edit it as needed.



Squarespace Finale's Squarespace Inventory Management Integration

You have two options for integrating Finale's Squarespace inventory management solution at your business.

In one option, you create a direct link between your Squarespace webpage and the Finale Inventory platform. The link connects online orders and facilitates stock adjustments. If you are a multiseller across many channels, Finale can help you manage inventory across every storefront. As you sell products on Squarespace, Amazon and other channels, Finale updates product availability.

Squarespace integration flow chart

Next, you can also link Finale Inventory to your ShipStation platform configuration. This integration lets you maintain your current shipping processes while adding inventory management capabilities. Finale uses ShipStation's API to communicate with the interface. The software can mark orders as complete and easily record transactions to update your inventory levels.

Squarespace ShipStation integration flow chart

Benefits of Finale's SquareSpace Inventory Management Solution

Connecting Finale Inventory software with Squarespace's software has many advantages for companies, such as:

    • Automatic listing updates: Finale's software manages customer orders from Squarespace and other channels. The platform monitors stock levels and updates quantities to reflect changes in product availability. The automatic updates occur every five minutes and address every sales channel your business has.


    • Restock forecasting: This integration solution also helps with the more challenging aspects of navigating a business. Monitoring sales success and understanding how much stock you should repurchase can get confusing. Squarespace and Finale software can project future sales trends and adjust reorders as necessary. The platforms track factors like safety stock, upcoming sales growth and expected lead time from suppliers to forecast restocks. Instead of having to manually predict any of these aspects, the software makes it simple. As soon as your inventory lowers, the platform sends automatic alerts. When you receive restocks, the software updates across all channels to reflect the new availability.


    • Support for multiple SKUs: Many businesses use a variety of storefronts to sell products. From eBay to Amazon and everything in between, the multiple store locations can help you create a wider customer base. However, the different stores might force you to create multiple SKUs in each storefront for the same product. Keeping track of the different SKUs can be confusing and time-consuming. This software integration organizes SKUs for you, making it simple to register and manage them.


    • High transaction volumes support: If your business manages high-volume orders each month, finding software that supports the mass amounts might be challenging. Finale Inventory easily supports mass order amounts up to 50K each month. We constantly work to provide the best quality inventory management software, so we're upgrading our system to support even higher volumes. You can also consider using our mobile barcode solution to enhance warehouse procedures, from picking times to distribution.


    • Variety of location support: You can easily manage inventory across many locations with this software integration. The more locations available, the easier it is to reach customers.


    • No stock-outs: The software supports product count thresholds, where you can keep track of exact reorder counts to reduce stock-outs or overselling.


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