TikTok Shop Integration

TikTok Inventory Integration

Get on-demand inventory counts to handle those viral moments

Nothing in ecommerce moves faster than social selling. Be ready for your products to take off (and your inventory to be there) with Finale's integration to TikTok Shop.


Introducing Finale Inventory's TikTok Shop Integration:


Finale is the first (and only) integration dedicated to managing inventory counts on TikTok.

Our direct integration means your inventory counts keep up with any viral hit, and gets updated across all connected sales channels simultaneously. 

With Finale, you don't have to worry about missing a sale, nor overselling: 

  • Instant inventory counts: Your TikTok Shop is always up-to-date with the latest inventory counts 
  • Effortless scaling: From one thousand to tens of thousands of orders and beyond, scale without any inventory issues
  • Dedicated TikTok stock: Reserve inventory for your influencers and be certain the inventory is there when promotion begins

Why sell on TikTok Shops?

It's where the world watches and, more importantly, where more of the world shops. It's a space where creativity meets commerce and where your brand story becomes your customer's shopping cart.

  • Global audience reach: Connect with millions worldwide in a tap
  • Engaging shopping experiences: Turn viewers into buyers with interactive content
  • Trendsetting platform: Be where trends are born and sales are made

How to start selling on TikTok Shops:

To get your TikTok Shop fully up and running, several available listing and fulfillment software options are available (including Shopify, Amazon and Pipe17).

Once your products are imported into TikTok Shop and the Finale - TikTok integration is turned on, Finale will automatically pull in sales orders. With just a few clicks, your inventory is synced, and you'll be ready to capitalize on every viral moment.

TikTok Shop

Embrace Finale's fully integrated platform:

Custom Workflows

It's your data, your business. Set it up how you want with our customizable platform.

Barcode Scanning

Get items accounted for quickly and accurately throughout your workflows.

Warehouse Management

From different shelves to different warehouses: keep your inventory all accounted for.

Schedule a personalized demo to see how Finale can be tailored to fit your needs.