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The Finale Inventory Management Promise

You're looking to tackle the challenges of oversolds, shipping errors, broken workflows, and inefficient warehouse operations. And that's exactly what Finale's IMS solution is for: solving those challenges in order to save you time and help you achieve increased customer satisfaction.

Lift the stress from your workflows and unlock your full business potential with Finale.

Maximize Finale Inventory's cloud-based platform to:


Eliminate oversolds through continuous data syncs across sales channels including Amazon FBA

Connect purchase costs, sales orders, stock levels, and more with customizable reports

Get key insights on reordering with predictive analytics and automated alerts to reduce oversolds and improve customer satisfaction

Boost your team's productivity by 75% with barcoding to support efforts from intake receipt, to pick, and ship

Seamlessly integrate with various tech and software stacks, including Amazon, Shopify, ShipStation, QuickBooks Online, and more


Discover how top sellers thrive with Finale:

Kitting and Bundling

Kitting and Bundling

Things just come together with Finale

Finale's efficient kitting and bundling capabilities not only distinguish your product portfolio from the competition but also provides a scalable solution for business growth. Businesses can increase sales orders and effectively scale their operations to meet rising demand.

Demand Forecasting

Purchasing and procurement like a pro

Leverage automation to know what to reorder and when to reorder, with data-informed purchase orders creation.

Demand Forecasting
Stock Auditing

Stock Auditing

The who, what, and where of your inventory

Say goodbye to end-of-month stress. Monitor detailed stock status using Product ID, Lot ID, Serial Number, or even the employee who handled the task.

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Power up warehouse workflows

Revolutionize your warehouse workflows by transforming fragmented steps into streamlined processes. Gain in-depth visibility of your stock at every stage of the selling journey.

Mobile Barcode Scanning
Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

Because knowledge is power

Equip yourself with knowledge. Tailor your reports to fit your inventory needs and automate them to monitor key metrics continuously.

Warehouse Management

No dusty cobwebs, just full data visibility

Monitor every workflow within your warehouse for optimal efficiency. Track products through the receiving, put away, audit, and fulfillment processes.

Shelved stock

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Improve your business by eliminating uncertainty from your accounting process.

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