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Whether you have one office or multiple locations, Finale Inventory will offer you better control of your inventory and as your business grows, we will scale with you.

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Inventory Management System to Scale your Business

Finale Inventory is a cloud-based software platform that helps with inventory and warehouse management. As a result, it offers a range of benefits for organizations of any size. While its cloud-based architecture is just one of the many features of our product, it's one of the most important, as its flexibility, security and convenience are key to driving your success.

Cloud inventory management saves you money and time while also fulfilling your customers' needs. Using cloud-based asset management software gives you complete control over your inventory.


A cloud-based inventory management system is an inventory control software hosted at an offsite data center, which is accessible from a web browser or app. The software allows multiple users to access the records from their own locations without any risk of company records becoming compromised.

Businesses of all sizes use cloud inventory management software because it boosts productivity and allows them to maintain better control over inventory, stock and orders.

Cloud-based inventory management helps you maintain and monitor your company's inventory levels from anywhere you have an internet connection. Web-based software minimizes errors and issues that can occur with a local or manual inventory management system, helping your business achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

This article covers why you should consider choosing a cloud-based order management system for your business.

Why Choose Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software?

In a cloud-based software to maintain inventory, information is stored in a secure online database, where users with the proper authorization credentials can access it from any web browser or mobile device. This process contrasts with local storage databases, where information is kept on-site in a physical server or hard drive. Cloud inventory systems have multiple advantages over this type of system.

Cloud-based inventory management helps maintain and monitor your company’s inventory while keeping your information secure. You don’t have to worry about a security breach as your business information is well-protected. In addition to excellent security, web-based inventory software offers several benefits that will put you leaps and bounds over your competition:

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The most significant benefit to cloud-based inventory management is that it puts the data you need to run your business right at your fingertips. Cloud systems provide a real-time look at your inventory and pending orders from any connected device — whether you're in the office or out on the warehouse floor.

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Data Integrity:

With a cloud-based system, you'll always know you're looking at the most recent information, and the software encrypts your company's sensitive data automatically. There's no need to worry about issues like security breaches or duplicate files. The process is seamless — and especially useful in high-volume facilities or operations with multiple locations.

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Cloud-based systems scale upward to accommodate the growth of your business. That means you'll always have the storage space you need to manage your inventory, and you'll never have to purchase expensive IT upgrades or waste time with software updates, which also help you reduce your inventory management costs.

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Low Maintenance & Operating Costs:

Because there's no on-site server to maintain, your maintenance costs will be more predictable with Finale Inventory. We offer easy-to-understand price structures with a commitment-free, fixed monthly fee.

Finale Inventory works on both Mac and PC systems and can even accommodate mixed worksites. We design our product to be easy to use and easy to implement into your workflow — and we stand behind it with some of the best customer service in the industry.

How to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software for Your Business

To figure out the best software for your business, you need to look for the features that suit your requirements. Many web-based inventory control systems are available, and they all have their own advantages and drawbacks. The best inventory management software facilitates tracking of your entire inventory also helps to serve your customers better.

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Look for software that has cloud-based barcode scanning capabilities to keep your data error-free. You may also want real-time alerts and updates and improved storage.


A business can only run at maximum efficiency when you get the most out of every investment. With Finale, you can compare costs per unit against retail pricing and instantly know what your profit margins are for a given quarter. Drill down to analyze per unit, gross profit margins and other useful metrics. It helps you see exactly where your dollar is going so you can make smarter decisions for your company's future.

Centralized inventory management:

Finale is a cloud-based inventory management system that stores your data on an online server which can be accessed from any device, tablet, mobile or desktop. It's updated in real-time so you'll always know exactly what you have in your inventory. You can even manage your inventory in multiple warehouses and locations, all from the same system.

Barcode inventory management:

Finale inventory has full integration with barcode scanners to make your inventory count precise and accurate. It can either use your existing barcodes or create new ones. Your computer will do all the work for you and update your inventory instantaneously, and you'll have all of your boxes and items labeled and organized in no time.

Inventory stock auditing:

If there are any errors or discrepancies in your inventory, you need to find and fix them right away. You'll be the first to know who managed what item and when. You'll always know what's going on with your business, no matter what happens.

Multiple software integrations:

Finale Inventory will work with whatever your current tech and software stack is, whether that's QuickBooks, Excel, or Square. That saves you the time you'd otherwise spend fiddling with back-end automation to line up all the pieces of your inventory management system together.

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You'll quickly see increased efficiency since it enables you to:

  • Consolidate sales-driven data.
  • Set different pricing tiers.
  • Make data-driven decisions.
  • Automate sales forecasting for ordering.


Finale Inventory is one of the most feature-packed inventory management software platforms on the market. Our product contains a wide range of sophisticated, intuitive tools that help with all aspects of running a productive business. Let's take a look at what separates Finale Inventory from other inventory management systems.

Finale Inventory stores your data in a secure cloud platform that updates in real time and is accessible from any internet-connected device. As a result, you always have access to the latest updates to your stock. Our program is cost-effective and easy to run with your current IT infrastructure.

What Makes Cloud-Based Inventory Management Different?

Precision is key in the day-to-day operation of any business. Making sure you have the right levels of inventory and stock can make the difference between a profitable, scalable business and one that costs you money.

Cloud inventory management reduces IT costs to a minimum by making continual software updates automatically. You only pay a prorated portion of the actual server maintenance cost, making it significantly less than what you would pay an in-house IT department to maintain the server.

Ideally, your inventory should be in two places at any given time — both physically in your warehouse and digitally in your online database. Your physical item count and your digital count should be equal at all times. By keeping accurate digital counts, you can easily calculate your profit margins, your mark-ups and your breakeven points.

Keeping accurate digital records for your business that are updated in real-time helps demonstrate accountability in your business, which builds trust with your customers. Moreover, it helps you to identify any bottlenecks or hiccups in your workflow. When your cloud-based inventory management system links to your e-commerce stores, your software and your other digital touchpoints, you can always be aware of what's going on in your business. It keeps that data constantly available and enables you to visualize it into charts, graphs and other data representations to inform you about your business and its long-term health.

Cloud-based systems also give you pinpointed accuracy over your stock. This keeps errors and issues to a minimum and removes the risk of item duplications. All the information is kept up-to-date so you don’t miss any orders.

Your cloud-based inventory system can automate each touchpoint of your business and remove the human element as much as possible, from the moment you place an order with your supplier to the time you ship a product to a customer. Freeing up the time and cost of that human labor gives you more resources to allocate towards higher-level strategic decision-making.

Cloud-based inventory does more than help your business stay profitable. It's also safer and more secure. Cloud inventory software is automatically saved on your service provider's server, where it can constantly be updated to protect against cyberattacks, hackers and other bad actors. It's likely safer with them than it is on your own hard drive.

Cloud-based inventory systems are universally accessible, highly automated and help you grow your bottom line. It's simply a better, easier and more efficient way of running your business.

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