Fire Department Coffee Case Study

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Fire Department Coffee is a veteran-owned business and certified by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA), they're run by active and retired firefighters. FDC is an e-commerce coffee company that ships coffee all over the world.

As Fire Department Coffee grew, they needed an inventory system to manage their growing and evolving business.

"Before Finale we really just utilized a couple of key employees and used spreadsheets and word documents to kind of keep ourselves organized", Larry Walton COO.  "but as we grew we needed an inventory management system to help us grow as well."

What really set Finale apart from other softwares for Larry was our Customer service. "They really took pride and ownership in helping me get to where I needed to be to use Finale successfully."

"The use of Finale has made everyone's life here at Fire Department Coffee so much easier   "

Dawn Campbell, is the shipping manager at FDC and uses Finale every day. FDC utilizes our Barcode Scanner App to assist with the day-to-day tasks of their warehouse. Now, she is confident that they are not only keeping track of their inventory correctly and efficiently but that their customers are getting the correct products as fast as possible.

One of Finale's greatest features for Dawn is Finale's service, "If I ever have a question, I can just call and there's always someone available to help." She likes knowing she has Finale's support when she needs it.

“Working with Fire Department Coffee has been great, Finale has made it even better by making my life easier ”


Larry Walton, COO

Working With Finale Inventory to Drive Success

When searching for an inventory software company, FDC was happy to find that Finale integrates with Shipstation, Shopify and Faire. Having those connections really helps their business run seamlessly everyday.

They are able to pull in all their sales orders in from Shipstation and utilize our Barcode Scanner to pack and pull the orders accurately. It has really cut down on shipping errors in their warehouse.

"The biggest thing is less mistakes over all, you know, happy customers getting the right stuff."

Fire Department Coffee Product Lineup

Finale was able to support FDC and their large-scale operations, " We have a roastery here in Rockford as well as a fulfillment center". Utilizing Finale, they are capable of shipping out 20,000 orders a day from their fulfillment center and roasting 6 million pounds of coffee a year.




"You can do almost anything and everything with the system and it makes your life alot easier."

Larry Walton, COO

Fire Department Coffee uses Finale Inventory to track inventory, pick pack and ship orders, receive shipments, set up automatic ordering, receive notifications, and manage marketplace inventory.

Learn more about Finale Inventory by browsing our website, or better yet, check out our other customer success stories to learn more!

By Angela Chavez