ShippingEasy Inventory Management

ShippingEasy Inventory Management Software For  Multi-Channel Retailers

Finale Inventory's ShippingEasy integration make both inventory management and order fulfillment easy.
Prevent overselling on your online selling channels.

Finale's ShippingEasy inventory management solution is the perfect complement to ShippingEasy. Many e-commerce companies accept orders from multiple marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or a company's own website and then leverage ShippingEasy to expeditiously fulfill the orders. However, as you're shipping out orders, there is a simple easy way to know many items a company has on hand at any given time.

If your company has this process, you can add Finale Inventory to keep track of your stock on hand without minimal changes to your existing shipping process. Finale communicates with ShippingEasy behind the scene to track orders that are shipped, and to copy those orders into Finale to record that the items have been removed from inventory.

In addition to keeping tracking of inventory stocks levels, the ShippingEasy inventory solution can be optionally configured to auto-update stock levels to your marketplaces every five minutes to prevent overselling.

Simple Integration

Integration with Finale Inventory literally takes seconds to set-up. All is needed is your ShippingEasy login credentials to connect ShippingEasy to Finale. There are NO changes required to your current ShippingEasy configuration to immediately start syncing orders to Finale Inventory and effectively managing your inventory.

Auto Update Inventory Stock Levels To Online Marketplaces

Any time an available quantity is changed, Finale can be optionally configured to auto-update stock levels to prevent overselling. Running out of stock can be detrimental to your business, and only bad things happen when you oversell. In addition to lost sales, overselling results in elevated customer support volume from unhappy customers and increase the number of negative feedback on your selling channels. If overselling becomes problematic with your account, Amazon will simply disallow you from selling.

With auto-update, you can say goodbye to manual updating! If a sale is made on one website, Finale will automatically update inventory levels across all of your sales channels. We track product levels 24/7, and sync across marketplaces approximately every 5 minutes. Please visit our integrations page for a complete list.

For example, let's say 10 ten pairs of jeans for sales on Amazon, !eBay, and your Magento store. When a customer places an order of 2 pairs of jeans on Amazon, Finale will immediately update the qty to 8 for all three selling channels.

Restock Forecasting

Running a growing business is hard.  There's a lot you have to keep up with.  Leveraging the sales velocity of a product, Finale will automatically calculate dynamic reorder points based on your inputs - supplier lead time, desired safety stock, and expected sales growth - to make smarter, faster purchasing decisions.

Restock forecasting from Finale gives you one less thing to worry about. When your inventory gets low, we'll send you an alert letting you know it's time to send out a purchase order. You can email the purchase order directly from Finale, and when you receive your shipment with Finale, Finale will update all your channels with the will be updated stock quantities.

Product Kitting

Present more selling options to your prospective customers by setting up kits or bundles from your existing "child" products. When a kit is sold, Finale does the work behind scenes and will properly decrement the inventory stocks levels of the child products.

ShippingEasy Inventory Management Software Integration

Integrated Mobile Scanning Solution

Finale's integrated barcode scanner software works with any Windows Mobile barcode scanner to allow warehouse workers to efficiently perform warehouse operations with fewer human errors. Functions such as receiving, picking, conducting stock takes, and stock transfers are quick and easy. Advanced batch picking operations will significantly increase efficiency and decrease picking errors.

ShippingEasy Inventory Management Software Integration

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

Finale Inventory allows you to create and track your products via batches, lots, or serial numbers. Finale makes it easy to keep track per-stock-unit information from the start (receiving or manufacturing) to finish (shipping the products).

Our integrated barcode scanning eliminates error and speeds up operations with advanced features like automatic barcode learning and product lookup tables. Picking products with lot ids for ShippingEasy orders is a snap with Finale and a mobile barcode scanner.

ShippingEasy Inventory Management Software Integration

Easily associate multiple SKUs to an unique Product ID

With the ShippingEasy inventory management solution, when you are selling products in different marketplaces (e.g. Amazon and eBay), you may be forced to have different SKUs for the same product. Many customers manage this unnecessary complexity with Excel worksheets. Finale Inventory automates this process and handles this use case with a product lookup table to keep an accurate count of inventory stock.

This implementation allows you to maintain the same marketplace SKU and as a result, your marketplace placement stays intact as you do not lose the valuable sales history of a product.

ShippingEasy Inventory Management Software Integration

Support High Transaction Volumes

Conduct a large number of transactions or need to keep track of a large of products? No problem. Finale Inventory can support up 2 million products and up 500K transactions per month, and we are constantly scaling our architecture to support even higher volumes. High transaction customers should consider leveraging our integrated turnkey mobile barcode solution to decrease warehouse operations times from receiving and picking while improving accuracy.

Avoid Stockouts with ShippingEasy Inventory Management software

Keep your business humming along by creating product count thresholds to know what needs to be reordered to avoid costly stock-outs.

ShippingEasy Inventory Management Software Integration

Easily Handle Drop Ship Orders

Do you use drop shippers to fulfill some of your ShippingEasy orders? If so, the ShippingEasy inventory management solution  makes it easy to manage both your traditional and drop shipped orders in the same workflow. Using the same workflow allows you to main your purchase orders and sales orders in a central location. There is no longer a need to manage your traditional and sales orders on different Excel worksheets.