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Order Management System

Finale Inventory offers a rich suite of features for purchase order management and real-time inventory tracking. Our software tracks and organizes data on multiple suppliers and automatically generates purchase orders from suppliers' pricing and product catalogs. You can also create sales orders for your clients or have e-commerce orders automatically populate within the software. Finale Inventory calculates reorder points and uses sales forecasting to predict and notify you when you need to send purchase orders to your suppliers.

By handling replenishment and sales orders directly from your inventory management software, your available quantities will automatically adjust as needed. They'll increase when you send out new purchase orders and decrease when you receive and fulfill new sales orders. Find out how managing your orders through Finale Inventory can enhance the efficiency of your order management, inventory and fulfillment operations all at once. Or, start your free trial of Finale Inventory to begin managing your orders today.

Who Can Benefit From Purchase Order Management Software?

Nearly any business can benefit from our purchase order management software. Finale Inventory customers include warehouses, retailers, wholesalers, shipping centers and a wide range of other organizations. Some examples of integrated order management system users include:

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E-Commerce Stores:

Online retailers sell their products across the internet, which can make replenishment challenging. Finale Inventory integrates with marketplaces like eBayshopping cart applications like Shopifyshipping managers like ShipStation and channel managers like Channeladvisor. With all these platforms flowing data to one another seamlessly through Finale Inventory, you have complete visibility over your e-commerce orders at all times. Finale Inventory's e-commerce order management capabilities will use that data for its dynamic reorder point calculations to manage your stock levels most efficiently.

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Physical Retailers

Companies that sell products from brick-and-mortar locations or at events like trade shows need added support from their order management software. With a POS integration like Square, these businesses can manage their inventory as a whole or separate it by store location. When it's time to reorder, Finale Inventory can support replenishment orders being delivered to several brick-and-mortar locations.

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Inventory Accounting:

Efficient order management helps companies manage their financial information. Since order management software can track landed costs, it allows a company's finance department to quickly track expenses, sales and current assets for accounting purposes. With Finale Inventory's QuickBooks integration, sophisticated landed costing information can flow down into your accounting software to speed up operations.

Our sales order management software can also integrate with Excel, allowing you to track and organize your order data at any time, alongside many other enterprise platforms. It will seamlessly fit into your workflow and minimize the amount of retraining necessary for implementation in your business.

What Can You Do With Finale Inventory

We've designed Finale Inventory from the ground up to be one of the most intuitive, responsive and flexible order management software platforms on the market today. Our cloud-based order management system software is customizable, allowing it to adapt to any unique application.

With Finale Inventory's order management functionalities and other features, you can:

Finale Inventory puts real-time information right at your fingertips and visualizes it in graphs and charts. Since the software tracks inventory automatically based on your sales and replenishment orders, you'll have reliable data driving your stock replenishment decisions. You'll see a visual summary of your purchasing costs and recent sales totals from your dashboard. Finale will automatically calculate the asset valuation of your inventory as the costs of your products change. This data helps you react to your businesses strengths and weaknesses and allows you to quickly examine your company's overall health.


Try Finale Inventory for Order Management Today

Order management is a priority for any business that runs on sales. Finale Inventory offers many tools that make order management a breeze, all at a reasonable price. We offer several monthly plans that meet a range of budgets and company sizes, with no long-term commitments or costly implementation fees. Our discounted annual plans can also provide additional savings.

Find out how Finale Inventory can help you by registering for a free account demo of our purchasing and replenishment features and signing up for a trial version of our sales and purchase order management software package today.

This is a great in-house inventory management program for small businesses.

”The greatest thing about Finale is that you can cater it to how you would like to use it. You can use some features while ignoring ones that you don't need. Importing items and keeping track of stock and sales is very easy.”

5/5 Stars

Abby B.
Toys for Trucks
March 12, 2018

Finale has been instrumental in helping our company grow!

”Finale is easy to understand and their customer service is absolutely outstanding! As a multichannel ecommerce seller, with a robust magento 2 website, B2B portal, wholesale and retail accounts, Finale has been instrumental in managing our inventory, purchase orders, sales and shipping services with simple and easy to use integrations backed up by top notch customer support. Finale's support and adaptability has allowed us to gain in-depth insight into our business. By working with us and our changing needs, Finale has helped us manage profitability of our products, customer trends, ecommerce channel sales and supplier ordering, allowing us to grow seamlessly over several years. We have come to rely on Finale as an integral part of our business, and I can't imagine being able to manage the intricate aspects of our business without it!”

5/5 Stars

Chris C
With You Lockets
Jan 9, 2018

Always excellent customer service

”Always excellent customer service, and very easy to use . We got help with any issues and all the training we needed too.”

5/5 Stars

Christina J
Jan 3, 2018