Invoicing for order management

From its inception Finale’s great strength has been inventory management.  With our latest updates to enable invoicing for order management, Finale has now also become an outstanding order management system for small business.  A capable order management system must include support for product information; inventory availability; suppliers and reordering; customers and pricing; orders and returns handling; packing and shipping; invoicing; and data analysis and reporting.  Today’s invoicing software update completes this picture, and creates an easy to use order management and inventory management system.

Each sales order can now have one or more associated invoices.  The invoices build on the complete pricing and tax calculation capabilities of the system, including the ability to collect tax from multiple authorities on a single invoice and maintain multiple custom price lists.  It is easy to invoice either an entire order, either before or after the order has shipped. Alternatively, you can invoice a single shipment if your order management process requires invoicing each part of an order as it ships.  If necessary, the invoice can be further edited after being created from the sales order to handle any special situations that come up with managing your customers’ orders.

Invoices use the flexible document template system used throughout Finale to provide complete control of the appearance of the documents sent to your customers.  In particular, you can edit the template to include any required boilerplate content (such as terms and conditions) formatted exactly as you would like. Document printing is an under appreciated part of order management software, but Finale’s document generation capabilities allow you to present a professional polished appearance to your customers completely customized to your business’s needs.

Invoices are also tied directly into Finale reporting system.  Finale’s reporting system provides complete flexibility to filter and group data, for example to see total invoiced valuation by product category for any date range.  Finale comes with built-in reports, but all options of each built-in report can be customized directly through web user interface.

With these latest capabilities with invoicing for order management, Finale now provides a complete solution for small businesses to get their inventory and orders under control.

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