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Finale has thousands of users in a wide range of industries. Below are a few testimonials from some of these customers.

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Todd Spendley, VP of Operations @ Manscaped

"While launching an in-house fulfillment center for a mid-sized brand management and marketing company, I ran into a major obstacle using a competitive product. We were attempting to accurately debit and report sales post-shipping. A competitor of Finale, recommended by ShipStation, told me I was "using their system incorrectly" and could not offer a solution to support our simple, quick and efficient method of processing high volume orders. After speaking with several of ShipStation's recommended IMS providers, Finale was the only one who said "yes" and gave us what we needed. Set up & integration was quick and seamless and I could not be happier with the ease of use and reporting. The ongoing support I receive from the Finale team has made me a raving fan!"

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Brett Haney, President @ Microfiber Wholesale

"We had purchased another inventory management system (Fishbowl) prior to Finale and we struggled to get it implemented for an embarrassingly long time. Everybody in the organization that touched it, hated it... and eventually I decided to abandon it and start my search over.

After looking at an endless amount of options a friend recommended Finale. I remember looking at the reviews on Capterra and thinking it was just too good to be true, but that if they were true, I'd found my system. I poured through the demo videos expecting to find something that didn't jibe with how we did business, but I never did. So we started a trial. I was very worried about push back from my staff, especially from the person that would be in charge of implementing it.

Within 20 minutes of her poking around she was in love. Once we decided to move forward with it we were ready to start using it within a few weeks. We're using Finale with ShipStation. The learning curve for both was almost non-existent. I have total buy-in from everybody that touches it. It's allowed us to become way better about keeping inventory in stock, made purchasing in time from overseas much easier. It's virtually eliminated shipping errors.

For the first time in 20 years of running an inventory based business I TRUST what my inventory management system tells me I have in stock. Most importantly, Finale has made us light years better at serving our customers."

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Dan Theis, Operations Director @ Big Barker

"We are very new to using Finale, but the experience thus far has been fantastic. The system itself is much more simple and easy to interact with than LOCATE INVENTORY. The thing that stands out the most though is the service that Finale offers. We went with the platinum package, and we are glad that we did!

The project manager that we were assigned is very organized, attentive, and service oriented. He regularly schedules training calls, addresses concerns and pain points typically resolving them in real time. When he needs information from us, we provide it and he uses it to correct any issues in short order.

Switching inventory systems is no small task but the team at Finale has been a major help at making the transition as smooth as possible. Highly recommended!"


Stephanie Parks, CEO @ DermWarehouse 

"Finale inventory has been a complete game-changer for our business. Before we switched over to Finale, we were keeping track of all of our inventory and purchase orders by hand. It was a nightmare! This software has allowed us to stay organized with our inventory, know exactly when orders need to be placed for each of our brands, keep track of out-of-stock or back-ordered products, place purchase orders, and so much more. We are so grateful to have found this great software and so appreciate the easy integration with WooCommerce and ShipStation, plus the amazing service they provide. Their team is always willing to help out with a question or put together a custom report or template for us. Could not recommend Finale Inventory more!"

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Steve Leffer , CEO @ Chocoley Chocolate

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased Chocoley is with using Finale as our inventory management system. Having been on the Finale system for the past year, we have been able to easily integrate our website,, Shipstation, QuickBooks and for a seamless and accurate management of our inventory across all marketing & sales channels. Prior to using Finale, we were completely in the weeds and had nothing but problems managing our inventory. The idea of selling in different channels was a pipedream and thanks to Finale, it's not just a desire, but reality.

If anyone is thinking about utilizing Finale, they should move forward, as it is the right decision. No costly software to buy and the customer support has truly been unbelievable... I am always amazed at how much time and energy you guys have provided in answering questions or helping new employees get indoctrinated into using the system... always with a great attitude and willingness to help and never making us feel like we're taking too much time...and not charging a dime for that added benefit is HUGE!!!

'Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a great product and awesome service at such a reasonable price. I can't imagine using anyone other than Finale for our inventory management system'.

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Omar Cordero, CEO and President @ Stronger Rx

"Our business has been grown dramatically over the past few months, and we quickly realized we needed an inventory management solution to get control of our inventory. We leverage ShipStation for order fulfillment and found the Finale Inventory to be a perfect complement to keeping accurate stock counts. Going forward, I can focus on other aspects of the business as our inventory management operations is now more streamlined and efficient.

The Finale team was also extremely helpful assisting us integrate Xero and a Magento POS solution to Finale Inventory as part of a comprehensive solution to manage our entire business. The customer service is second to none, and they're are easily accessible by email or phone.

I would highly recommend Finale Inventory to any multi-channel retailer who wants to move beyond Excel spreadsheets to an easy, intuitive software solution to manage their inventory. "

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Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Michael Walker, Brand Manager @ FHY Inc

"We love the simplicity and efficiency of the program. It looks clean, is easy to navigate and is completely intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. It isn't visually overwhelming and cluttered with too much "stuff", it is super simple yet very powerful.We started out with Finale a little over a year ago after spending several months researching every program on the market, reading reviews and really doing our due diligence before finally zeroing in on Finale. We have not looked back since.

They are exceptionally attentive to our every need. If ever we have had a question, problem or a suggestion, they are super quick to respond (usually within minutes) and address it immediately. They have a super hands on approach and honestly seem to care about building a quality business by caring about their product and their customers.

Finale has truly changed the way we do business and increased our productivity and efficiency 100 times over. I mean we were literally in the dark ages before we started using Finale, we had no digital inventory control, we were updating online marketplace inventory manually every day, it was literally insanity with all the products we have, which is THOUSANDS. We are truly grateful for Finale and to their team and recommend it to anyone."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Cheryl Farrell, Executive VP @ Integrated Logic

"We are a logistics consulting company helping our small to mid-size clients manage their inventory. Initially, we were using Excel spreadsheets and spending countless hours manually tracking inventory receipts, sales orders, and inventory adjustments. Finale Inventory has enabled us to quit using multiple Excel spreadsheets and has provided us with the ability to answer questions, retrieve data, and run reports with just a few simple clicks. Processes that previously took hours were simplified down to seconds.

We have been so pleased with our implementation of Finale Inventory. It is extremely intuitive, easy to use and customizable to fit your particular business needs. As we have hired new employees, training on Finale Inventory is almost not necessary as it is very user-friendly and intuitive. New users are up and running in a matter of a few minutes."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Mike Ginsberg, Logistic Manager @ LIFEAID 

"Before finding Finale Inventory, we were having major inventory control issues. Managing inventory at our 10 warehouses was a challenge but Finale Inventory's simple, easy to use platform was quickly able to solve all of our inventory control issues.  They are a big reason why we continue to move up the list of America's top 500 growing companies."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Joseph McClaren, Data Analyst @ Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

"We are part of a university research lab group that uses Finale to track supplies of biospecimen collection kits (builds) and lab supplies. The ability to create builds (to track individual components) for our kits is wonderful! Also, the ability to track lot identifiers and expiration dates is critical for lab reagents and things like blood collection vials.

Having Finale Inventory has really helped as our group as we have grown. It's very easy to use and there are still numerous features that we haven't fully explored. Pricing is very reasonable as well.

The customer service is FANTASTIC! The company really goes out of their way to make sure their customers are happy. I can't stress that enough. We have used Finale since late 2014 and are currently in the process to expand our use of it. We are very pleased with both the software and the tremendous customer service and user support."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Aaron Watson, Operations Manager @ Bapmic Auto Parts Inc.

"Finale can tackle the challenges facing eCommerce Businesses with an ease that I cannot believe. Many eCommerce businesses face challenges from many different aspects of the sales/inventory flow; here at Bapmic Auto Parts Inc., we were no exception. As a large company with channels in eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and local sales, we desperately needed a robust and coherent warehouse/sales management system.

Honestly, we have seen a 100% or more efficiency increase in daily operations since taking on Finale. Every aspect of our eCommerce business was improved by the implementation of the software. I would recommend it to anyone needing a solution for warehouse management, regardless of their stance in the eCommerce world. The pure inventory capabilities of this software are exemplary. We have been able to improve our receiving, order accounting, inventory maintenance, returns, shipments; literally every aspect of our business was improved by the acquisition of this software."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Chiman Lee, Director of Recompute @ Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin counties

"The software provides a simple solution to a common problem managing a single inventory through multi platform online sales channels - eBay, Amazon, and webstore - using Finale. It's easy to use for staff, smooth integration to Shipstation, easy integration with online platforms with more APIs in the works, and great tech support. Handheld scanner enables staff to add and remove inventory with ease."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Robert Vaughn, Product Manager @ Lull Mattress

"Finale is robust, flexible and easy to use; there are so many features that we use. We were struggling to find a system that did light manufacturing and tracked inventory for small businesses. I love that it's web based and every time I ask their support how to do something new, there is already a feature in place. The programs integration to ShipStation means that most of our inventory tracking is automated and we don't have to do much work.

We are able to track our inventory accurately, keeping track of raw materials components and finished goods in one system. We're able to make quick inventory adjustments and easy manufacture finished goods. The integration with ShipStation makes our lives so easy because we only need to input purchases, and all of our shipments are tracked and inventory is made unavailable or decremented.

I would recommend Finale Inventory if your company uses other web-based programs and would like to automate your inventory tracking."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Hayley Mullin, Owner @ Sock Prints

Finale Inventory has been a game changer for us. We can now track our inventory on multiple channels. We added Finale Inventory to manage our inventory across multiple sales channels. Finale Inventory is easy to use and it does the job. Setup was simple and customer support is fantastic. When we have questions we can't figure out on our own we get a response within hours, not days. It's also easy to create PO's and automatically adds the inventory when the products are received."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Kyle Maudlin, Quality Control Manager @ Intermountain Nutrition

"Finale is an amazing tool that has helped us keep a huge client over the years! Chinh and the gang have been really great. They really take care of us as the customer and do whatever it takes after hours even to solve problems and answer questions. We very much appreciate the relationship that we have with Finale Inventory."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Martin Bryan, Operations @ Deus Modern

"Using the Finale inventory software with ShipStation integration has allowed our company to automate and streamline our order processing and inventory management, dramatically saving time and money. Finale does a wonderful job of allowing us to keep track and stay on top of ordering the multiple components that make up our products we sell. With a simple and direct approach, we were able to be up and running in an incredibly short amount of time. Finale's customer service has been very prompt and helpful. Highly recommend this software to anyone who is managing an inventory and looking to save time and money!"

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Chad Kidner, CEO @ Veil Entertainment and Production

"Finale is the best online warehouse inventory software for the eCommerce business. We had 2 primary problems we were looking to solve with Finale. First to find a software the could seamlessly manage, track, and control our physical inventories being received, in addition to syncing up with our shipping software, to decrement these same inventories as they were sold. The second problem we were solving was also being able to manage supplier inventories of these same products, to easily reorder our products without interruption in our selling process.

Finale has so far been the ONLY software, able to provide a solution that intricately encompassed each aspect of our needs. My company has tried many other options, and have even paid a higher premium for one that glamoured themselves in features, that ended up lacking in many basic necessities. None of these others were offering a full warehousing solution, flexible enough for the changing eCommerce business.

If you're looking for a true online warehouse inventory management software, you've found it, don't waste anymore time, we've done that for you! Get it! You will not regret the decision."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Pat Bianchi, COO @ LOX Extensions

"After setting up the company info, I was up and running in a few hours thanks to the easy import and export features. I did some trial and error testing with magazines and other features to streamline Finale to my needs, but it was effortless. Finale has really helped our business be more efficient. It has reduced counting errors to almost zero. It has also given me peace of mind in terms of inventory levels and value. I would definitely recommend the product to everyone. Its simplicity yet scalability and speed is exactly what every inventory manager or COO must have! "

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Robert M @ HyperIce

"Excellent product. Finale Inventory has an easy learning curve, intuitive and provides all the needed functionality we were looking for. It is a great web browser based tool to manage our components, assembly, warehousing and shipping from our warehouse in China. Great customer support and follow up, including with our team in China."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Andres Orjuela, IT Manager @ Cables and Sensors

"As our company transitions from being a start-up to a successful online business (made the Inc 500 fastest growing company list 2015) one of my 2015 tasks as IT manager was to look for a solid Inventory Software that would fit our needs and allow us to not only grow but improve the integration of all our processes.

I spent 2 months looking at what is available and sat through countless demos, used many sample accounts, read documentation, and read reviews. I evaluated 38 systems.

The reasons we finally decided on Finale Inventory were many. Their user interface is clean and easy to use (leads to productivity). It is a system that doesn't try to promise you everything and the kitchen sink. What they do is manage inventory and they do it excellently. The pricing is competitive. Their built in integrations were seamless to connect. The API is complete and straight forward to work with. Their built in reports (highly customizable) are extensive and excellent. The customer service is outstanding.

If you are looking for inventory software, I recommend you give them a serious consideration. We could not be more satisfied. "

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Afefa Kpodzo, Co-founder @ Onyx

"Great affordable solution for startups!' Finale Inventory has an easy product upload and download process.  The UX doesn't have the easiest flow, but with practice it's easy to figure out where to find things you need."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Sammy Ashouri, Owner @ Shoetopia

"Finale has been fine managing our inventory. There are some features that would be great for us but as-is, it gets the job done."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Kim Cofer, Manager @ 2xhome

"Finale is just the inventory tool we were looking for!' We needed a program that would like to our online shipping program to track and manage our inventory. We had previously been doing manual counts with excel spreadsheets so having this makes keeping track of inventory a lot easier, more efficient and accurate. Unlike some other programs we had researched, Finale Inventory handles our kitting needs needs without being overpriced. Customer service was on par. Highly recommended!"

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Harry Klaus, CEO @ Paragon America

"I am a relative "newbie" to Finale but with the ease of use of the program, the complete and comprehensive, hands-on training I've received and the responsiveness of the staff, I am IMPRESSED. We began by using Finale to channel sales and inventory data from our websites to QuickBooks (Online). Step two was inventory control and the next steps will take us into a full-blown warehouse/inventory management system. Simply the best at any price!"

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Ryland Mansur, Product Manager @ Emerald Pool And Spa

The best part about Finale Inventory is how easy it is to operate, it is by far the best Inventory System on the market. The Home page breaks your tasks down into separate columns making navigation unbelievably simplistic. Finale is Inexpensive, easy to comprehend and so easy to integrate all selling channels for your business; whether it be eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce, and Shipstation. Integration has been simplified to a point that surpasses any other inventory software on the market. Finale Inventory has been a huge change for our business, and we are excited to have them tracking our inventory.

You will never want to use or have to use another Inventory System again. Finale is by far the easiest inventory system we have come across, and it has been wonderful being a part of such a respectful organization. They are always putting the customer before themselves, never making you feeling unimportant. We have been treated wonderful, and we are very pleased how they are focused on the customer. They ensure that the customer (us) is happy with their purchase.

With other companies we were always skeptical, paranoid about the inventory tracking working, with Finale I never have to worry. Customer Service was another huge savior that Finale Inventory shines in. With other software programs, we were treated very poorly because we are a small business. Finale Inventory treats every customer wonderfully, always there when you need them and never putting calls or issues off to the side. The Customer Service is outstanding, if you have any claims or issues they immediately respond and always solving the problem before the ending of a training seminar or a phone call. Thank you Finale Inventory for being fantastic!

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Dwight Williard , Operations Manager @ Word of Life Fellowship

"Good quality Product. Outstanding Service.The service provided is outstanding. Quick and helpful response. The platform is easy to understand and you can customize the reports to fit your needs. It is very intuitive. Finale Inventory has allowed us better oversight of our inventory and better accuracy in picking packages. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Katelynn Dow, Operations Manager @ Sweet Water Decor

"We love using Finale for our inventory system! It is so helpful to have a home base for all of the sales channels we use. We love that it immediately updates inventory on ALL sales channels to keep us from overselling! "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Stacey Wells, Manager @ The Rag Company

" My immediate first impression is the AMAZING positive customer support during implementation of Finale Inventory. The training, tutorials and available tools have provided an efficient way to resolve any questions when maintaining inventory with the Finale Inventory application. This company continues to expand its software features, and I look forward to more options as they grow. The integration with other software programs such as BigCommerce, ShipStation, and Square was a smooth process. I would highly recommend them when considering great customer service and an affordable inventory management system.”

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Tom Swenson, GM @ NorthStar Fireworks

"The Past Few years we have expanded our warehouse and Business to multiple Locations. We needed to find an Inventory System that would allow us to grow and manage our inventory. Finale staff was great to help us through all the steps of switching over to Finale Inventory. Even after we were set up and running, they maintain their relationship helping us use Finale to its full capacity, and always been there to answer questions."

We just had our ATF inspections last week, and the inspectors loved the reports Finale Inventory produced. They were able to get their job done efficiently and we were back to work quickly Thank You FINALE."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Michael DiLeo, Owner@ Sneaky Pete Holsters

"To embrace hyperbole for a moment, Finale Inventory is 'just right'. Every time I thought it might lack some important feature I discovered that the feature was there, just one level deeper down so that it didn't clutter the user interface. This is important because the software is robust to say the least, without being cluttered or discouraging.

The best part of the entire system (for me) is the copy and paste ease with which you can manipulate data. If you need to make a change to multiple skus, you need only open a spreadsheet and create a few columns with the data you want to add or change. Copy and paste that data into Finale and then assign each column to match with where you need it to go and you're done.

I could probably go on and on, but I'll end on this. Support so far has been stellar and there are MANY videos that the creators have posted to YouTube that allow you to quickly learn every aspect of the system. We were up and running in an hour, and as we dived into using Finale we never felt lost or overwhelmed. If you manage a business with inventory and Finale Inventory is compatible with your software, you'd do well to give it a hard look."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Ben Harper, Manager @ The USA Trailer Store

"We use Finale to control inventory across 10 different sales channels, each with different selling profiles. We have individual products sold separately on one site which are sold together as a kit on another. Some of our channels sell products as options, others as individual SKUs. Finale handles all of this with a clean interface and minimal headache. My first impression was a bit hesitant as some features weren't readily apparent but a large part of that was finding the specific feature out of all the powerful tools available. And whenever we have had any questions/issues, customer service has been AMAZING. Finale does everything we need it to and does it extremely well. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Cody Henderson, Founder @ Beetstech

"It's not perfect, but none of them are. But Finale is the the best inventory management software I've used thus far. One of the biggest areas of praise I can think of, is that I set up Shipstation and four different sales channels in a weekend. I've used countless (at least eight) other inventory management softwares, and none have been as intuitive and quick to set up.

Because Finale integrates with Shipstation (and Shipstation integrates with near everything), Finale also integrates with practically everything that Shipstation integrates with. So our eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, and Newegg transactions are all pulled into Finale. If we decide to start selling on other marketplaces, or change our website from WooCommerce to another eCommerce platform, Finale will almost certainly support them, because Shipstation does. This is one of the biggest challenges we've faced as an online retailer, and Finale handles it with ease. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Antonio Carrera, COO @

"Finale Inventory's seamless integration with ShipStation has allowed our business to quickly integrate our accounts without major configuration. As a major online and brick and mortar retailer, we needed a simple solution to manage our inventory across multiple channels. A major challenge for us was managing multiple SKU's that were associated to the same product across several marketplaces. Finale's ability to easily assign multiple SKU's to a single product ID, as well as the ability to handle product bundles or "kits" has significantly reduced our inventory complexity. Add to this world-class customer service, and you have a recipe for inventory success. I highly recommend Finale Inventory to any multi-channel online retailer. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

James Lai, President @ Cutting Chair, Inc.

"After months of testing and trialing every inventory management software and system on the market, Finale has been such a blessing! From the very first day of signing up, the Finale owner and team have been extremely helpful and responsive to any and every one of our questions or concerns.

If you use ShipStation (in our opinion the best shipping management software), this is where Finale’s strength is. It flawlessly syncs with ShipStation ensuring that you only ship products that are in stock and order out-of-stock items.

Finale gives you the things you want in an inventory management software without all the fluff. We tried other solutions that tried to be an all-in-one solution, but they all end up being mediocre services. Regular updates of the software leave our team comfortable knowing that as a system, Finale is always pushing for optimal streamlined cutting edge performance and integrations. We are elated to be using Finale and already have accounts for both of our companies. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Stav Bar-Sheshet @ Antelope Shoes

"Finale is the best SMB inventory available on the market! We've reviewed 13 different cloud-based software solutions and found many of the platforms had lots of connection problems with Magento, in addition to missing information when syncing to ShipStation. Finale integration works great. All the order information comes right to ShipStation and then to Finale to sync inventory to the other marketplaces almost instantly. They have a dedicated team that it is a pleasure to contact in any case or problem, and any software have some. We hope Finale will keep grow and improve and wish them all the best."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Dev Robertson, Process Improvement @ Brown Box

"I've been looking for an inventory management program for our company for a few years and wasn't having much luck until I looked into Finale. They provide a clean interface that is quick and web based which is nice. The setup was rather easy and their customer service team helps out whenever I have questions about the program and also have added features when possible. Of all the programs I've reviewed, I would highly recommend Finale to handle your online market inventory for sure! "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Reid Campbell, Owner @ Parts Haven

"Finale Inventory has really allowed us to effectively manage our warehouse. We are on a service plan level that provided one on one help setting up the system and believe it was worth the extra money. We have been using the service for almost two years and our happy on all fronts. As an FYI for us, the real part that separates Finale from other WMS systems are the handheld scanners. No other system in this price range offers this functionality and it is a great time saver. Their customer service is great but not needing to drag a laptop or a funky smartphone solution through the warehouse is a game changer."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Kyle Palmer, Logistic @ Sock101

"I hit a few snags while trying to set up integration, but their team was extremely patient with me and very helpful when guiding me through the process. I would recommend Finale to anyone. They also respond very quickly to emails and questions. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Rob Stone,Software Systems Coordinator @ The Headspace

"Finale has flexibility, accuracy, and integrates well with other software platforms "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Mohammad Salamah, General Manager @ O&M Electronics Inc

"Finale offers inventory management for your online selling channels as well as warehouse. Easy to use. Mobile device solution for picking, receiving...etc. You can customize product/stock screen view and add/remove filters to see what you need. Lots of features and ability to customize. Overall very satisfied. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Derrick Pack, Owner @ Pack King

"Finale has done great solving the main need we had, that is, a centralized inventory that is synced across multiple selling platforms. They worked with us to be one of the first customers syncing to which was great. There have only been a few selling platforms they do not yet support but we are hoping to come soon. It is limited in the fact you cannot centralize listings/data and push those out (only inventory stock levels), but for the cost of the product, this was understood. We still love it and plan to continue using it going forward."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

JD Patton, Project Manager @ Patton Kiehl Group

"Great flexible system. Our warehouse was a mess before implementing Finale Inventory. Since implementing the software, we have only had to walk the racks 2 or 3 times due to operator error, and with the reporting we know exactly where to focus the search. Prior to using Finale, it was a weekly occurrence."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Nate Garland, President @ Samoco Industries

"Finale allowed us to trade a bunch of messy, mind-boggling Excel spreadsheets with dozens of tabs for a powerful program that tracks our inventory in real time, even while we are sleeping. Our spreadsheets were outdated the minute we completed them and required constant updating and babysitting. The time we spent slaving over spreadsheets can now be used to focus on researching and adding new products. Gone are the fears of accidentally opening an older version of a spreadsheet, plus ShipStation integration and Finale work together seamlessly in the background with minimal input required."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Jesse Torres, Warehouse Manager @ Rayno Film

"Rayno Window Film is a leading producer of window tinting film for automotive, home, and commercial applications. Before Finale, it was excruciating to keep track of our window film within Excel as each roll has its own serial number. Finale’s integrated mobile barcode scanner solution and its ability to track serial numbers has significantly reduced our inventory management complexity and streamlined our warehouse operations. I simply scan the serial number of the roll, and I am done! As an added bonus, we were able print professional looking barcode labels within Finale without having to buy additional label printing software.

Best of all, if I ever get stuck with something that does not make sense to me in Finale, someone is always available to help me with the issue. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with has always been so knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend Finale to any company who has challenges tracking serial numbers. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Koichi Sato, Co-Owner @ Elko Filtering Co, LLC

"I love how quickly I can navigate through the Finale platform. There's almost no lag between pages. The technical support is also quick and responsive. When I have an issue, I feel pretty confident that it will get answered and quickly."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Susan Hair, Fulfillment @ Bastion

"Just wanted to pop in electronically and let you know that both Mike and I are real happy with Finale and the ShipStation integration so far. Now that we have our inventory system (product codes, etc.) cleaned up and functioning better, we are able to experience the full benefits of Finale’s features. It’s been very helpful in enabling our co-location (in two separate time zones) to work pretty flawlessly so far with inventory control and purchasing.

Thank you for all your help and patience in our start-up with Finale. Our current productivity is measurably improved … and more importantly, we are very confident that we can begin to implement expansion goals knowing that Finale will help us scale up without a problem. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Sharon, Operations Manager @ Ontario Beer Kegs

"Finale is a cost effective way to control our inventory. Through their wireless barcode scanning system, we have increased both productivity and accuracy. Using the scanner's "guided picking" feature, order picking is a breeze and easy for old and new employees to understand as the scanner determines the most efficient picking order and guides them to the correct standard bin where each product is located. The Finale team is always very helpful and understanding whenever I have issues."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Roman Iomdin, Inventory Manager @ Houseables

"My experience with Finale Inventory has been a pleasant one. Before using Finale, I was able to sample a dozen inventory cloud management companies, and none of these were able to fully provide me with what I needed. Either important features were missing or the cost didn't make sense.

On the other hand, Finale Inventory has been able to provide me with the tools I need to accurately track my warehouse inventory, creates purchase orders, create/map bundles(kits) for online sales of multiple products, keep track of sales, etc. Although I did run into a few issues in the beginning, they were mostly my fault (due to not understanding how to use Finale). Everything else was quickly resolved through customer service (including prompt replies to answer any question I may have had)"

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Charity Ambrose, Manager @ Legit Supplements

"I've compared MANY different Inventory Platforms before landing on Finale. What ultimately sold me was the incredible value they punched for the price. I had several criteria that I needed to fulfill for our startup company, several of which were matched in other inventory platforms, but NEVER all of them. Once I found Finale and how they fulfilled all of our needs, I thought it was too good to be true, but it wasn't. I needed the peace of mind to know that we would have support and access to lots of learning resources. Not only did they provide this, but they set up several one hour training phone chats which were invaluable. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Katrina Spencer, Project Manager @ iRemedy Healthcare

"I have had a great experience. A very smooth transition from Brightpearl and any questions that I have are immediately answered by Chinh. Great vendor!"

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Mark Williams @ SuperBody Breakthrough

"'We use Shopify, Clickfunnels and Shipstation. Most inventory software want their software to be the first point that the order hits (In effect, Shopify/Clickfunnels > Inventory software > Shipstation). Well that works great for Shopify, but not very well for Clickfunnels. Finale does it flawlessly. Finale gets the job done just the same.

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Martin C. @ IBS Flight Cases

"Finale provides great service. We were allocated a support engineer using Skype who has proved to be extremely patient and highly supportive no matter the hour or day. Software has a simple clean interface, has a very fast cloud response, and does exactly what it says it does."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Jason Garcia, Owner @ Workt

"My favorite part is that Finale Inventory tracks multiple skus from different sales channels. It is awesome. Exactly what I need."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Gregory A. Friedman, CEO @ AireBeam

"Finale Inventory is worth its weight in gold. Saves everyone in our organization involved with products a ton of time and keeps me from running out of critical goods thus enabling us to grow continuously."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Brad Heibert, Business Owner @ Sears Home Services

"Everything is going quite well with the mobile barcode scanner solution. It took longer to implement and train my guys on the system, but fortunately we now have a good handle on it all. I am excited and relieved to be able to use Finale to efficiently manage my inventory, and I'm now expanding the barcode scanning solution to our other facilities. As always, thanks for the help and support. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Eli M @ Machine Shop Pros

"Finale is the best inventory software. The process was so easy as far as setup and getting it live. After it was all live, using the software was seamless. Finale allows you to manage all your online selling channels all the time. I am now able to avoid underselling or overselling."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Sam Zimmerman, Operations Manager @ Tri-County Seeds

"Using Finale has been one of the best decisions we have made in our company. We deal with many products in a short and fast time period and was using spreadsheets to track it all. With Finale we no longer need spread sheets and I can look and see where our products are when billing time begins. Best time saver for our company. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Miguel Landaverde, @ California Fuel and Lubricants

"With its simple approach, Finale gets the job done. Great customer service, very accessible professional people at your service. Easy to get up and running while offering many features. If you want to control your inventory with a no non-sense approach and ease of use you can’t go wrong with Finale. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Robert Fenton, Operation Manager @ Miami Restaurant Supplies

"I used to do stock takes with pen and paper. Using Finale and a mobile barcode scanner I get it done in half the time. Last Saturday I never would have finished doing stock takes for my 60 sublocations without the scanner and Finale. A must have for any small business looking to save time with inventory management. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Crystal Campbell, Director @ One Grace Place

"I just wanted to reach out to your team to say, THANK YOU! You guys have been so awesome helping us get all set-up and going, training our team, and even rewriting your program to help us integrate with QuickBooks. Amazing. We're so excited to have things working. We have some kinks to work out, then I expect it will be smooth sailing.Thank you again for your excellent customer service, and your amazing software. We're happy customers. :)"

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Teresa Winfield, Program Manager @ Happy Bottoms

"We are a small nonprofit diaper bank that distributes diapers to over 1500 kids through 28 nonprofit agencies each month. Using Finale to track our incoming diaper donations and purchases, as well as our outgoing distributions, has greatly improved our inventory accuracy and efficiency. The Finale team is always available to answer questions and help us build custom reports to meet our more specialized needs. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Brittany Crespo, Manager @ Pacific Utility Contractors

"Finale Inventory Software has made inventory control in our warehouses very efficient. Since using this program our inventory has been easier to track, and ordering has become simpler. We use this inventory system to track all materials that are brought in and taken out of both of our warehouses, and notify our managers and billing personnel of materials that have been placed on job sites. Their relationship managers has been extremely helpful in helping us learn the software and has assisted us with several trainings. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Tricia Travis, Operations @ Luna Press

"I would definitely recommend Finale. The customer service was fantastic. Mike and the whole team went above and beyond to customize our account to best fit our needs. They were patient, professional, accommodating, and super accessible whenever we had issues."

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Addison Dawson @ Catholic Media Corporation

"I will definitely say that I appreciated the professionalism with which you conducted yourself throughout the onboarding procedure and that in turn, I appreciated the fact that the engineers were actively helping you to help me with questions and issues. I was never given the impression that I was a problem; I always received a “can do” attitude that any question or problem that I had was going to get resolved. I can see the hard work that has gone into the engineering of the Finale program. I’m hopeful that it will be a perfect fit for my business going forward and I look forward to having a long-term relationship with Finale."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Christian Howard, Director @ Howard and Sons

"Importing our data and training our staff was far easier than we imagined. Just cut and paste from Excel. We've used Finale now for two years as our order management system and warehouse management system. Outshines other inventory control systems and asset tracking software for manufacturing hands down."

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Tim Souza, Corporate Controller @ Gemvara

"We use Finale to track thousands of individual pieces of jewelry in addition to hundreds of parcels of gemstones. The system's flexibility is endless!

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Jake Keohen, Controller@ RES Inc

Our company used to track our inventory manually, using a series of Excel Spreadsheets. We converted to Finale Inventory in January of 2013 and I could not be more pleased. It has saved me countless hours due to the fact that I am not duplicating steps anymore. Once we have uploaded a sales order into the software Finale does the rest of the work for me. I no longer have to worry about making keypunch errors. I'm also saving time because Finale generates a bill of lading for each order. And the reports feature is simple to customize to meet my every need. Finale was very easy for us to learn and the technical support offered by their staff is second to none.

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

David Rosenbaum, President @ |Illumination

"We've tried ERP systems at ten times the cost. We've tried QuickBooks inventory management and other stock control software. We've been on Finale for almost three years as our inventory tracking software. Finale is the only cloud stock control system that had the depth of functionality to be used as order management software and warehouse management software while still being intuitive. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Brian Panther, President@ Hi-Tech FX LLC

"I have been very pleased with Finale Inventory. There have been a few bumps along the way but I expected that given the large size of our company and the multiple sites we manage. But the guys at Finale have been very responsive to problems and have been great about soliciting feedback and implementing suggestions into the product. Its definitely and evolving project, but I can see a day when we can finally do everything inside one application.

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Kevin Paglusch, Director of Operations @ Gateway Displays

"Finale Inventory is a powerful, economical inventory system. The program is used for many facets of our business. The guys at Finale are always listening to their customers and constantly making the system better, without pricing the application beyond the reach of the small business. Their customer service is beyond reproach. Most if not all their questions are answered in an hour or less. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Tony Cartolano, President @ Pyrotechnic Display

" I have products and employees in 6 states. Having access to inventory from all places was very important to us. Also we have most users on Mac's, Some on PC's and a Few on Tablets. We needed something that was cloud based, and would work with all these people/places and devices. We have been using FInale for three years, it has grown, developed and become the backbone of our business. All our employees know it, love it and live in it all day. The company has always been receptive to our suggestions and many of our ideas have come to the actual product. "

Finale Inventory Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Bruce Albrecht, Operations Manager @ Hawaii Pyrotechnics

Excellent customer service, with requirements implemented quickly and recommendations implemented frequently. Easy to get up and running while offering a great many features. It is also very responsive for a cloud-based app with all the advantages of portability and simplicity.


Sergio Morales, Operations Manager @ LA Solar Group

Finale has helped to move forward to a home depot type of operation, having visibility of current stock across 4 different branches in two states. keeping accurate and detailed reports for inventory and reordering. Creating templates, barcoding, and more have also saved me time on my everyday tasks