Receiving Purchase Order Shipments

This video shows the process of receiving purchase order shipments using our software. What’s great is that it’s easy to find and edit purchase orders within Finale.

receiving purchase order shipments

Remember to only mark a purchase order complete when you have received everything. when this is complete, you can update your info so that your received items will be available in the warehouse. See the video below for instruction:

Receiving Purchase Order Shipments

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Michael Laham with Finale inventory in today’s video, we’re going to discuss how to receive shipments against a purchase order. So we’re going to start on the Finale homepage and let’s go right into our purchase orders. If you remember, from last video, we were working with this PO 1111. So let’s go in and on this PO we had our red and blue polo shirts.

Before we receive this. I just want to walk you through our stock page really quick. So let’s head to inventory and view stock. And if we see here, we have our red polo shirts and we actually have an available quantity of 140 units, even though we only have 130 on hand units. That is because our available field accounts for our quantity on hand minus our sales reservations, which we don’t have any for this, particular product plus our 10 on-order units, which gives us that 140 available units.

I just wanted to walk you through that really quick. So you can see how that changes when we receive this PO. So let’s head back into our purchase order.

Receiving the PO is actually fairly simple and we can do it in a couple of ways. We can first head over to our shipments tab. And for this shipment, let’s say that we received the correct quantity for both of our shirts. We can actually just check here and say 10, we received 10 blue and 10 red. So we can go ahead and click this blue link to update the shipment, to match the order.

So I’ll just go ahead and put that 10 in for both quantities and we’re ready to receive the shipment so we can click this blue button and we’re going to receive the shipment. And if we head back to our purchase order, we’ll see that our status is committed and fully received. So it’s good to go. You can also do this without having to go to the shipments tab on our new PO screen.

So we’re gonna go back to shipments. We’re gonna cancel this shipment and now we’re going to head back to our purchase order screen.

So you can do what we just did on that shipment’s tab by simply scrolling over to receive purchase order here, clicking this blue button, and you’ll wanna put your date in. We’re just going to use today’s date and you’ll also need to put it in a sub location. This is required. So I’m gonna use this A-1.

And you’re also able to add in your shipment carrier or tracking codes, if you so need to, and we’re gonna receive the order the exact same way. So if we go back to our shipment tab, we’ll see that we receive those 10 shirts the same way. So that’s all looking good. So we’re going to go back to our purchase order and that’s all you need to do to receive a shipment against a purchase.

I just wanted to mention really quick that if you wanted to create a packing slip that comes with the shipment, it should designate your purchase order number. So you can call up the order in finale under the purchase order management screen. And that will conclude how to receive shipments against the purchase order.

Please visit for any questions or increase. Thank you.