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Finale Inventory Developer APIs

Build a Custom Integration Using Finale Inventory Developer APIs

Finale Inventory’s developer application programming interfaces (APIs) allow you to integrate complex services with your inventory management software to go beyond the solutions we provide out of the box. Finale Inventory integrates with over 40 applications, and we realize you might like to connect many hundreds of other programs to Finale Inventory.

If your business already uses many software solutions, you might consider using an API for inventory management. Our flexible and scalable stock-keeping application gives you the documentation and any technical assistance you’ll need to create custom integrations. Your software customization will also benefit from the wealth of transaction and inventory data from our existing integrations with:

  • Online or desktop accounting tools
  • Point-of-sale software
  • E-commerce shopping carts and marketplaces
  • Shipping management software

Our developer APIs allow you to build any app or automation you want.

Types of Custom Finale Inventory Integrations

Our list of out-of-the-box integrations is constantly expanding. We know e-commerce companies, wholesalers, manufacturers and brick-and-mortar stores need a unique blend of software that fits their price range and use cases. By partnering with a wide range of popular commerce software platforms and tools, we hope to meet many of our customers’ needs with a simple setup. For our readily available integrations, connecting your programs is as simple as providing Finale Inventory with your login credentials.

However, since every business has unique software needs, we want to make it as straightforward as possible to get Finale Inventory synced with other tools through a custom integration. Our open API is flexible, allowing you to create an inventory management software tool that works with your unique technology stack. Consider some of the custom software integrations you can build out.

  • Accounting: Linking your inventory data with your accounting software can instantly make your financial team more productive. When your accountants can track your current nonliquid assets, sales records and purchase orders, your monthly financials and tax information become much easier to manage.
  • Channel management: Today’s most successful retailers know their products need to be available anywhere their customers shop. They use channel management software to manage their presence in online marketplaces and their shopping cart application. With a custom inventory management integration, you can auto-update your current stock levels across all your sales channels, saving you time and helping you avoid overselling.
  • Marketplace: Linking your online marketplaces with Finale Inventory offers similar benefits to linking with a channel manager. We let you sync your inventory data to many popular marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon and Etsy. However, there are many online marketplaces with a massive population of potential customers. With a custom API integration, you’ll prevent overselling on every channel, which will improve your relationships with your marketplaces and help you maintain positive ratings on each platform.
  • Shopping cart: Start listing your current inventory on your website and stay abreast of your online sales. Update your inventory levels automatically with a custom shopping cart integration.
  • Point of sale: If you operate physical brick-and-mortar stores, a custom API can integrate with your point-of-sale tools. Whenever a customer checks out, Finale Inventory can automatically decrement stock levels for the items purchased.
  • Shipping: One of our most helpful software integrations is with shipping management solutions. With a custom API, your shipping system can tell Finale Inventory when your stock physically leaves the warehouse.

While Finale Inventory offers many simple out-of-the-box integrations with popular software providers for each of these tools, our API lets our system work with any software your team already uses. Keep using the workflows and sales channels that already work for your business, with the added functionality of automated inventory tracking.

How Finale Inventory Custom API Integration Works

At Finale Inventory, we’ve built a reputation for our fast and flexible application for inventory management and our exceptional customer service. From the moment they sign up for a free trial, every customer gets a dedicated support specialist.

If you decide to customize Finale Inventory, that same support specialist will also handle your customization requests. That means the person who trains you in the software and acts as your consultant as you implement our system into your operations is also responsible for guiding you through the customization. They’ll understand your company and needs in-depth, which will make the customization process smoother and completely in tune with your business needs.

If you hire a developer to integrate other software with Finale Inventory’s inventory management API, our team will work with them closely. We’ll ensure they understand our coding and that your customization can run as smoothly as possible over our software architecture. We have experience working with many clients and third-party developers to help you get the most out of your current software stack.  We’re happy to recommend some exceptional developers who know how to make our inventory management software work for you and have experience working with Finale Inventory’s API.

Inventory Management API from Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory offers a versatile, powerful and flexible API, and there are many API calls at your disposal to create the perfect integration.

We strive to offer the most functionality possible to enhance our software and your other commerce tools simultaneously. Please note that API access is only available on Platinum and Custom plans, so feel free to reach out and discuss your needs.

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