Customer Stories

Finale Inventory's Growing Impact Across Multiple Industries

Beauty Products


Learn how omnichannel beauty brand, GladGirl, transformed their warehouse operations, as they managed over 3000 SKUs and improved their order fulfillment processes, cutting down on their return rate by over 40%.


Grooming Products


As their business booms, learn how Manscaped is leveraging Finale (1) for their warehouse operations and (2) to dynamically calculate reorder points based on sales velocity and supplier lead times to assist their replenishment needs.

Coffee Products

Fire Department Coffee

Introducing Finale Inventory into their workflow allowed them to focus their attention on growing the business instead of whether or not their inventory was accurate, and within 2 years, Fire Department Coffee has increased their sales over 400%

Senior Lifestyle Goods

Through Finale Inventory, was able to identify nearly $50,000 in overbilled invoices, maintain an efficient and lean staff and grow their business substantially.

Professional Cleaning Equipment

Microfiber Wholesale

Finale Inventory, combined with ShipStation, allowed Microfiber Wholesale to reach their most profitable year ever and decrease their order shipping errors from 3% to 0.2%, utilizing Finale's warehouse management capabilities as well as Finale's barcode scanner app.


With You Lockets

Finale Inventory allowed them to scale their online business 4x while expanding their physical store presence to over 70 retailers.


Personalized Apparel   

Sock Prints

Sockprints was able avoid a repeat of a stressful holiday season by leveraging Finale to manage their inventory and update their online selling channels.  

Beauty Goods  

Lox Extensions 

Lox experienced major efficiency gains with Finale, and reduced the reordering process from hours to seconds.  With the mobile barcode scanner, receiving shipments used to take upwards of a day now is completed in less than 60 minutes.

Automotive Parts 


 Bapmic improved the warehouse efficiency by 4x while improving their inventory accuracy after implementing Finale.

Business Goods   

Miami Restaurant Supplies 

Transitioning from Excel to Finale Inventory allowed them increase the SKU
count to over 40K and help them
quadruple their business in 4 years

Fitness Apparel and Athletic Equipment 


Leveraging Finale Inventory and
ShipStation to manage their entire warehouse operations.

Window Film    

Rayno Window Film  

Since transitioning to Finale Inventory, the software has been a key contributor
to their success as they continue to scale their sales growth