Miami Restaurant Supplies Case Study

miami restaurant supplies case study

Miami Restaurant Supplies has been going since 1975, so when in April 2014 the owner decided to retire, it provided Benjamin and Massimo with a perfect opportunity to buy a well-established business.

Miami Restaurant Supplies, provide their clients with a huge variety of dinnerware, flatware, drinkware, basically any and all of the items you expect to find on a dinner table.

Since buying the business Ben Cardonne and Massimo Ortisi have made changes and grown the business exponentially.


“We have quadrupled the business in 4 years, and Finale has a lot to do with it, we couldn’t have done it without a tool like Finale Inventory”.

Benjamin Cardonne, Owner and General Manager

Driving Success With Finale Inventory

Ben and Massimo expanded the Miami Restaurant Supplies inventory to over 40,000 SKUs and also made some fundamental changes to modernize the way the business was being run. At the time of purchase, the business was managed manually, including the inventory, which they quickly put onto spreadsheets.

Realising that there were even better ways of managing inventory Ben set out to find the best solution and concluded that Finale Inventory was the way forward for them, particularly given that “they didn’t have to make a huge investment in networks, computers and servers, and didn’t need to take on the liability of having physical servers” not to mention how useful to leverage a cloud inventory software to be “able to access the system from anywhere in the world.” In addition to the technological changes, changes were made to client services and attention to detail, which helped with the growth.

"Finale really helps us immediately let a client know if we have an item in stock or not - which sounds very simple, but with a lot of distributors here they are not as fast at answering that type of question”.

Benjamin Cardonne, Owner and General Manager

Finale Inventory is used across the entire business from the owners, to the sales team to the warehouse. Everyone can use it to help with their work. The owners use Finale for sales, and updating of pricing and delivery arrivals, the sales teams who are located in the sales showroom and use Finale Inventory to check inventory and create orders.

If a client wants something that is currently out of stock, the sales team are able to use Finale Inventory to create a purchase order and send it to the suppliers. At the warehouse, the team can update Finale Inventory with products that are received and shipped. All of this ensures that everyone is constantly accessing the latest and most up to date information about possible.

A feature that Miami Restaurant Supplies appreciates most about Finale Inventory is the ability to instantly let a client know how if they have an item is in stock.

“We are really happy with the Finale Inventory service.”

Benjamin Cardonne, Owner and General Manager

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By Carly Newman