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Leverage sales velocity reordering to make smarter data-driven business decisions

By Chinh Nguyen / March 26, 2018

With every passing month, the numbers of sales transactions continue to grow for each Finale customer.  We have unlocked this valuable data by providing insightful sales velocity data to allow you to quickly learn how well a product is selling and to leverage sales velocity reordering to make smarter data-driven business decisions. Some products have a…

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Introducing Product Sales Graphs

By Chinh Nguyen / February 2, 2018

With the new product sales graphs, you can drive actionable business decisions with real-time data to quickly get insight of product sale trends. Located within the product details section, quickly set the date range and time period to allow you to quickly review the historical sales trends of any product. If the product sale graph are…

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Shopify POS Inventory Management

By Chinh Nguyen / January 31, 2018

We have enhanced our Shopify integration to now include Shopify POS transactions.  The Shopify POS inventory solution is an ideal solution for sellers who primarily sell in their physical store and also sell online. When Shopify and Finale are used together, Finale makes it simple to track inventory across your sales channels in one central location.…

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Finale awarded Capterra “Most Recommended’ Badge

By Chinh Nguyen / November 15, 2017

We are happy to announce Finale Inventory has been awarded a Capterra 2017 recommendation badge, based on reviews from Inventory Management software users. There are several hundred products listed in the Inventory Management category, and Capterra has vetted over 200,000 vetted user reviews spanning across software categories.  As a result, we are are proud to named one…

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Tracking numbers now sync from ShipStation

By Chinh Nguyen / November 8, 2017

In addition to tracking the inventory from the shipments, we are happy to announce that Finale now has the ability to also sync down the shipment tracking numbers from the ShipStation integration.  The ShipStation tracking numbers will automatically be appended to the sale order in Finale. The setting is turned off by default; the selling can…

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WiFi Sync now 10x FASTER!

By Chinh Nguyen / November 3, 2017

  We are excited to announce our engineers have increased the WiFi sync speeds of the wireless barcode scanner by 10X! No scanner software update is required.  The improved speeds should be immediately noticeable the next time the scanner transmits or receives data.  Please note that the speed improvements only apply to WiFi syncing and…

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International FBA Support now Available

By Chinh Nguyen / October 25, 2017

We proud to announce Finale now has international FBA support for Amazon FBA in Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.  If you leverage FBA in these international markets, Finale allows a centralized view of your stock in the FBA locations as well as your own warehouse(s). Please tuned for continued FBA enhancements in the…

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Introducing ‘Rapid Order Packing’ Barcode Scanning

By Chinh Nguyen / September 29, 2017

We are excited to introduce the “rapid order” packing capability using the mobile handheld barcode scanners.  This new rapid order packing capability allow more flexibility on how customers want to leverage the barcode scanner to fulfill orders. The two available packing options on the scanner are: Item By Item – All items on the order must…

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Introducing the NEW Quick Stock Change Screen

By Chinh Nguyen / September 7, 2017

Following the launch of the ‘Quick Stock Transfer’ screen, we have introduced the new Quick Stock Change screen as part of our continued efforts to make the software more intuitive and easy to understand. The new Quick Stock Change screen operation allows you to make quick stock adjustments to your inventory by adding or subtracting quantities.…

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Sync orders to Shipstation for shipping

By Chinh Nguyen / August 16, 2017

As one of the most requested features of all time (we’re not kidding!), we are excited and proud to announce that Finale orders can now sync orders to Shipstation for shipping for shipping and fulfillment. Simply create the order in Finale and then select it as an order you want synced within Finale.   Finale…

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