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Solar Companies: Inventory Management Just For You

By camille / August 1, 2018

Inventory Management for Solar Companies Finale Inventory provides a comprehensive inventory management for solar companies. Installers can accurately track serial numbers of  solar panels or other equipment used in installation with our integrated barcode scanning capabilities.  The cloud based inventory solution provides complete control over your warehouse to save you time conducting physical inventory and…

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Best Practices to Track your Business’ Inventory

By Chinh Nguyen / July 24, 2018

Whether you own a small or large business, new or old, tracking its inventory is incredibly important. Knowing whether the products you are selling and promoting are in proper stock at all times gives you a significant advantage over your business dealings. Not only is your business prepared for orders, deals, sales, and more, but…

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How to Sell Supplements Online: Why You Need Inventory Management

By camille / July 20, 2018

As the years progress, people have been becoming more aware and proactive about their health. This makes the supplements industry a big one and still growing.   According to a report by Grand View Research, the global dietary supplements market is expected to reach 278.02 billion USD by 2024, at an annual growth rate of 9.6%…

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Why is a Lot Number Important?

By Chinh Nguyen / July 10, 2018

As your small business grows, there is always more and more information you need to keep track of. Information tracking is not only important for your business itself, but it is also important for business relations, such as those with customers, investors, and buyers. As you gain more popularity and a larger customer following, you’re…

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What is the Difference between Lots and Serial Numbers?

By Chinh Nguyen / July 9, 2018

Both lots and serial numbers are both used frequently to track products throughout the receiving and sales process.   Some products are assigned a lot number or serial number when the product during the production process.  Both lots and serial numbers are used for traceability to track the products.  However, there is an important difference between…

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Successful Tips on How to Start a Vape Shop

By camille / July 2, 2018

Having proper inventory management software properly in place is a critical part to how to start a vape shop.  With the sheer number of vape products available in the marketplace,  customers expect to see a wide selection of vape products and having an inventory management software in place is critical to track your inventory and…

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Top 5 Ways to Know if You Have the Best Inventory Management Software

By Chinh Nguyen / June 28, 2018

For eCommerce businesses, both large and small, inventory management software is a must. A good inventory management software can help prevent you from selling more of a product that you have, but this blog post isn’t about good inventory management software. It’s about the best inventory management software. And when you’re using the best, not…

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7 Tips for Small Business Inventory Management

By Chinh Nguyen / June 22, 2018

If you already own or are gearing up to start a small business, one thing you have to pay extra attention to is inventory management. For small businesses, inventory management is one of the most integral parts of the entire process as it helps you evaluate how well your business is doing and whether or…

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Leverage sales velocity reordering to make smarter data-driven business decisions

By Chinh Nguyen / March 26, 2018

With every passing month, the numbers of sales transactions continue to grow for each Finale customer.  We have unlocked this valuable data by providing insightful sales velocity data to allow you to quickly learn how well a product is selling and to leverage sales velocity reordering to make smarter data-driven business decisions. Some products have a…

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Introducing Product Sales Graphs

By Chinh Nguyen / February 2, 2018

With the new product sales graphs, you can drive actionable business decisions with real-time data to quickly get insight of product sale trends. Located within the product details section, quickly set the date range and time period to allow you to quickly review the historical sales trends of any product. If the product sale graph are…

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