Validate Your UPC and EAN Codes

Looking for a fast and easy way to validate a UPC and EAN code? You've come to the right place! 

This page offers an easy way to check individual UPC and EAN codes. See if your product codes align with industry requirements by entering your codes, one at a time, in the box below.


  1. Enter code: Type your UPC or EAN code in the designated field.
  2. Click 'Validate': Press the 'Validate' button to start the process.
  3. View results: The validation and barcode results displayed will indicate if the code is valid or not. Right-click to save the barcode image.


While this one-off solution is helpful, with Finale’s full inventory management system, you get: 

  • Instant and accurate verification: 

Experience the power of real-time validation by inputting any UPC code or EAN codes.

  • Superior error detection: 

Finale’s algorithm is designed to identify common inaccuracies in UPC, EAN13, and EAN8 codes, safeguarding your inventory processes.

  • Shortcode creation:

Streamline operations by providing a concise and standardized way to reference complex inventory items, leading to faster data entry and retrieval, reducing the likelihood of input errors, and simplifying the process for users to interact with the system. 


Within Finale's full inventory management solution, batch-validation is available as part of a larger system to help brands more efficiently manage their business and warehouses. With accurate codes that meet formatting guidelines, Finale users can create labels and barcodes that align to their warehouse and order needs.

See how Finale can expedite and improve accuracy in your brand's worflows.

Understanding UPC and EAN Barcode Numbers

  • The essence of UPCs: While all UPCs are 12-digit numbers, not every 12-digit number is a valid UPC. The key lies in the "check digit," the last digit in every UPC, and the formula in the next section below, which helps catch any errors.
  • EAN Codes and their structure: EAN codes are similar to UPCs but consist of 13 digits, with the final digit also serving as a check digit to filter out errors.
  • Validation ≠ activation: A number validating as a UPC or EAN doesn't necessarily mean it's active or assigned to a product. However, validated numbers might be assigned in the future. It is important to keep a record of (or have a system like Finale that can help you) so as not to duplicate UPCs on your products. 

How UPC and EAN Validation Works

UPC validation example: To validate a UPC like "829576019311", you can follow these steps, which involve summing digits in specific positions and applying a formula to determine the check digit:

  1. Break down the UPC: The UPC "829576019311" has 12 digits. The last digit (1, in this case) is the check digit, which we will verify against and explain more in the last step.
  2. Sum odd-positioned digits: Add the digits in the odd positions (not counting the check digit): 8 + 9 + 7 + 0 + 9 + 1 = 34.
  3. Multiply that sum by 3: Multiply the result by 3: 34 * 3 = 102.
  4. Sum even-positioned digits: Add the digits in the even positions (excluding the check digit): 2 + 5 + 6 + 1 + 3 = 17.
  5. Add both sums together: Combine the sums from steps 3 and 4: 102 + 17 = 119.
  6. Determine the check digit: Find the smallest number that, when added to 119, results in a multiple of 10. In this case, it's 1 because 119 + 1 = 120, which is a multiple of 10.
  7. Verify the check digit: Compare this number (1) with the last digit of the UPC. If they match, the UPC is valid. In this case, the last digit is 1, so the UPC "829576019311" is valid.

EAN validation process: Validating an EAN, like "5900049003619", is the same as the process above. EANs are typically 13 digits long, including the check digit.

Elevate Your Inventory Management with Validation


Finale Inventory is not just a UPC validator; it's an essential component of your inventory and warehouse management system that significantly enhances operational efficiency and accuracy with real-time omnichannel inventory syncs, warehouse workflow management, and customizable, actionable reporting. An automated UPC/EAN validator is a small part of Finale’s larger offering that seamlessly integrates into your workflow, coming into play during product intake, restocking, or before shipment, ensuring that every product code is correct and valid. This automation minimizes costly inventory errors and eliminates the need for time-consuming manual checks, allowing you to focus more on business growth and customer satisfaction. 

The system flags this error if a UPC/EAN is identified as incorrect or not in the correct series of numbers. The flagged item may be withheld from further processing until the issue is resolved. This step prevents incorrect items from entering or leaving the inventory, reducing the risk of errors and mismatches.

By bridging the gap between accuracy and efficiency, Finale transforms how you manage your products, from intake to sales.

Embrace the future of inventory management with Finale Inventory. Join a growing community of businesses that trust Finale Inventory for unmatched workflow flexibility and efficiency.


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