Lightspeed Inventory Management


At Finale Inventory, we work hard to provide comprehensive and high-quality inventory solutions. Our integration solutions allow you to combine our cloud management inventory software with other superior applications. In turn, you can optimize your business's inventory management to the fullest extent.


One integration solution we offer is Lightspeed inventory management. You can integrate Lightspeed software alongside Finale Inventory's management software for optimized efficiency. Lightspeed can assist with many inventory processes, from automated communication to online payments.


Here is an overview of Lightspeed inventory management and how you can implement it with Finale Inventory.


What Is Lightspeed Integration?


Lightspeed is an e-commerce platform that focuses on streamlining and simplifying business processes for vendors. The platform reaches a wide range of industries, products and locations. From inventory software to accounting tools, Lightspeed offers solutions for many commercial procedures.


Lightspeed's Retail POS system improves the retail experience for both sellers and buyers. The software offers a modernized shopping experience for your customers both in-store and online. It features tools like:


    • Customized reports of shoppers, employees and market trends


    • Fast checkout features to increase sales


    • A personalized customer experience at checkout


    • The ability to sell many product types on many platforms



By implementing Lightspeed integrations into your organization, you can create a smoother shopping experience for you, your employees and your customers.


How Does Lightspeed Integration Support Inventory Management?


A strong retail experience relies on inventory management. When you connect Finale Inventory's inventory management platform with Lightspeed Retail POS, you can improve both inventory and sales processes. In turn, your business can improve efficiency and even increase revenue.


Lightspeed can also assist your inventory processes with low-stock alerts and built-in inventory counting. You can keep track of stock changes and adjust your orders accordingly. Integrating Lightspeed with Finale Inventory creates a complete inventory solution, perfect for upgrading your inventory management. With smooth checkout services and accurate inventory data, you can enhance your customers' experience.


Manage Offline and Online Sales


Finale Inventory's Lightspeed inventory management solution is a cloud inventory management software that integrates with the Lightspeed Retail point-of-sale system. Selling both offline and online can maximize sales. The more selling channels you have, the higher sales can become.


Keeping a firm understanding of inventory levels becomes harder with each channel you accrue. By using both Lightspeed Retail POS and Finale, you can track inventory from one location. After point-of-sale transactions, Finale updates your stock and other marketplaces to prevent over-ordering.


You can track your inventory as shared or separate with Finale Inventory and Lightspeed integration. This assists with both online and offline selling channels.


Separate Inventory for Offline and Online Sales


In this arrangement, Finale monitors each channel's stock separately. Then, it updates the selling channels in increments of five minutes. Finale can also connect orders with multiple Lightspeed readers.


Shared Inventory Tracking for Offline and Online Sales


With this option, Finale's Lightspeed solution monitors the connected stock. It then renews the selling channels every five minutes. For example, let's say you have five pairs of jeans for sale. Selling a pair in your storefront alerts the Lightspeed platform. Then, the Lightspeed software transfers the sale to your Finale software. Finale updates your stock to reflect that only four pairs of jeans are now available.

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9 Benefits of Using Finale's Inventory Management Solution


There are many benefits to using Finale Inventory as your Lightspeed Inventory Management solution, such as:


1. Easy Integration


With this simple integration process, you can get started with your new benefits instantly. Finale Inventory integration setup only takes seconds. Just use your Lightspeed software login credentials to sign in, and you can get started immediately. You only have to make a few changes to your current Lightspeed configuration to connect to Finale Inventory. As soon as they link, you can immediately begin syncing orders and further managing inventory.


2. Supports Multiple Lightspeed Readers


If you have more than one Lightspeed reader, you can configure Finale to relocate stock to whichever reader was used during a transaction. For example, purchases on your first Lightspeed reader will take stock from the first reader, while a purchase made on your second Lightspeed reader would retrieve it from the second tool.


3. QuickBooks Combination


Keeping track of your finances is integral to company success. Many businesses use platforms like QuickBooks to record finances and plan for upcoming taxes. You can also link your Finale Inventory software and Lightspeed software to your QuickBooks account. Connecting these accounts helps you keep all financial data in one place and reduces duplication errors.


4. Various Marketplace Support


Another benefit of Finale Inventory is the support for many other marketplaces. You can effectively monitor your inventory from many different marketplaces via ShipStation. For example, the software supports sites like eBay and Amazon. Easily combine your sales and products onto these platforms to view inventory in one place.


5. Product Bundling and Kitting


Finale Inventory also allows you to create kits or bundles of your products. Kits provide more buying options for your customers. And, if you use bulk pricing, you can often encourage them to complete purchases. As customers buy kits, Finale software alters the stock quantities to reflect updated stock availability.


6. Restock Projections


Managing a developing business can be challenging. With so many factors to keep up with, Finale Inventory streamlines many processes to make daily operations easier.


For instance, Finale software can analyze the sales velocity of your products. Using statistics like the wanted safety inventory and typical supplier response times, the platform can calculate reorder potentials. You can get real-time data on likely customer trends, making your purchasing decisions much easier.


Our software also features restock forecasting. You'll receive alerts when your stock becomes low, reminding you to order more products soon. And you can complete orders easily by buying directly from Finale. As soon as you receive the items, the software updates your channels to reflect the increase.


7. Support Allowing Multiple SKUs for a Unique Product ID


Many businesses sell products in a variety of marketplaces. But whether you use Amazon, eBay or any other storefront, you might have to use different SKUs for products. Instead of using spreadsheets to manage the various numbers, Finale software can keep track of each SKU in our databases. The software makes them easy to find and regulate.


8. Allows for High Order Volumes


If your business conducts many monthly transactions, Finale Inventory software can support you. With support for up to 50K transactions each month, the software lets you complete orders with ease. We constantly work to improve our software to handle even higher volumes. Our turnkey mobile barcode solution can also improve accuracy in a high-volume environment.


9. Eliminate Inaccuracies


Stock-outs reflect poorly on your business. From customer dissatisfaction to inaccurate inventory records, it's crucial to keep your inventory data updated. Finale Inventory keeps a precise record of inventory stock availability and instantly updates it as things change. The software alerts you any time a product gets low in stock, reducing the ability to have a stock-out.


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A thorough inventory management setup is essential for business success. At Finale Inventory, we strive to provide businesses with high-quality inventory software. As a leader in global inventory solutions, we understand the necessity of accessible and precise software.


If you're looking for a new inventory solution, consider Finale Inventory today. You can combine platforms like Lightspeed POS system inventory management with Finale Inventory to improve your efficiency and accuracy in your inventory. To get started with Finale Inventory, try a 14-day free trial today.

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