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Finale Inventory is an efficient and effective way to manage all of your inventory and communicate to Wayfair.  Use Finale Inventory to minimize disappointment from overselling inventory to keep customers satisfied and coming back.

Wayfair marketplace is an industry leader in the home goods space, specializing in categories such as furniture, decor, lighting, kitchen and bath, appliances, and more.  Whether you're selling small home goods or intricate furnuture, Finale Inventory ensures that your inventory is accurate at all times.

How to Utilize Finale Inventory with Wayfair

Utilizing Finale Inventory's robust integration with ShipStation and our configurable FTP capability, Finale allows sellers to connect to Wayfair to bring in all sales and control all marketplace stock levels.

Wayfair workflow through ShipStation

When you connect Finale to ShipStation, you open up an entire world of possibility.  Finale will be able to pull in sales from any marketplace that can communicate to ShipStation, such as Wayfair. As soon as a customer purchases an item, Finale Inventory will reserve the inventory for the customer, ensuring that the inventory is accurate, overselling is eliminated, and the marketplaces are adjusted to reflect the new available inventory levels.  All of these build to improve the customer experience.


Finale utilizes our FTP integration to push an inventory feed back to wayfair to actively manage all of the listings' stock levels. Whether you sell an item on Wayfair, Amazon, or any other marketplace, you can rest easy knowing that every selling channel you have will list accurate stock levels in real time.

Benefits of using Finale Inventory with Wayfair

Having an effective, powerful inventory management system like Finale will help your business reach it's full potential.


Auto Stock Updates to Marketplaces: Finale Inventory's core capability is managing one or more marketplaces and keeping all inventory in sync to reduce overselling and maximize inventory potential

Kits and Bundling: Create listings sourced from multiple SKUs. Finale Inventory opens up exciting possibilities to combine any number of products together and list them as a single purchasable product, all while keeping accurate inventory of what to ship when an order is placed.

Barcode Scanning: Finale offers a robust mobile barcode scanning solution for picking, packing, purchase order receiving, stock counting, and transfers. Streamline your workflow with guided order picking to ensure fast, accurate shipping.

Accounting: Whether you're using QuickBooks Online for your accounting, or you want an in-house suite of features, Finale Inventory has you covered. Being the hub for purchases, inventory management, and sales means Finale has thorough accounting for all ledger accounts related to inventory management.