Square Inventory Management

Square Inventory Integration

If you have a booth at a trade show or a physical storefront, Square makes it easy to take payment anywhere your customers are. With online sales on a steady rise and brick-and-mortar purchases as popular as ever, it's never been more critical to offer your customers multiple shopping avenues. To maximize sales, savvy store owners know the importance of selling both offline and online as more selling channels generally result in higher sales, but this requires a Square inventory management solution to manage inventory seamlessly.

When you integrate your Square inventory management with your Finale Inventory account, you can automatically sync both online and offline sales into a single, accessible location. This is an effective way to manage real-time stock and helps you avoid overselling or overstocking.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of tracking inventory in Square and Finale.

Benefits of Square Inventory Integrate With Finale

On its own, Finale Inventory management software is the best way to automate your inventory management and track products. When paired with Square POS inventory tracking, you get an even better look at real-time inventory changes and transactions. Here are some of the top benefits of integrating Square and Finale.

What Is Square?

Square is a type of point-of-sale (POS) system you can use at physical storefronts and mobile businesses. Instead of being tied to a stationary machine, Square lets you bring the POS to your customers. It's also a fast, simple way to manage inventory and get daily stock alerts about your in-store products.

Square software is available for most Apple iPads, iPad Minis, iPhones, some iPod touches, and most Android tablet and smartphone devices. You can purchase standalone Square registers or small terminals.

Does Square Do Inventory?

Square collects information about all physical transactions that take place in-store or at your booth. The Square inventory management system lets you manage stock according to item, transfer items in bulk, and view inventory history. The Square point-of-sale inventory management system is most effective when paired with an automated inventory management software like Finale Inventory.

Prevent Overselling With Square Inventory Management

Having a firm grasp of inventory becomes more challenging with each additional selling channel. When you use Square and Finale together, Finale makes it simple to track inventory across your online and offline sales channels in one central location.

Customers who use both Finale Inventory and the Square inventory management system and POS will automatically sync inventory across different selling platforms to prevent overselling on their ecommerce channels. With multi-warehouse (location) support, Finale allows for inventory to be tracked as shared inventory or separate inventory for your online and offline channels.

Separate Inventory Tracking for Offline and Online Sales