Barcode App - Stock Takes

Warehouse stock take with a barcode scanner

Conducting Stock Takes with the Barcode Scanning App

Finale Inventory is a full-service tool for warehouse and inventory management. We've designed our product from the ground up to be flexible and adaptive to your business and workflow. Combined with a handheld barcode scanner, Finale Inventory offers managers and workers on the floor a better way to run a smarter operation.

Conducting stock takes is an important task — but it's one that few warehouse workers look forward to. Stock takes help businesses reconcile the inventory in their system with the inventory on their shelves. In the process, they give you a more accurate picture of where your business is today and help identify discrepancies that can make you more accountable in the future.

Our product is one of the most cost-effective handheld barcode stocktake scanner solutions available on the market today. Because it will work with your existing systems and software, you won't need to bring in an expensive integration consultant or invest in extensive training for your team


Finale supports two modes of conducting stock takes with a scanner.

  1.  Cycle Counting
  2.  Cycle Counting with Write Zeros

How Finale Inventory Can Help

Conventional pen-and-paper-based stock taking is time-consuming and prone to human error. However, when you use Finale Inventory's barcode scanner inventory software, the process is easy. We'll put sophisticated tools right at your fingertips, letting your team log items in seconds and transmitting that information to a centralized database that updates in real time.

Finale Inventory will integrate with your existing business software to provide a comprehensive multi-channel inventory management solution. Our product scales upward to grow with you in the future, and it features cost-effective pricing models that will work for your budget today.

Finale Inventory warehouse stock take scanning

Why Use Our Barcode App for Inventory Takes?

There are many benefits to using Finale Inventory's barcode scanner for inventory counts. Our product:

Helps reduce the time and hassle associated with pen-and-paper-based stocktaking, freeing up your team to work on other tasks and minimizing downtime in your regular operations

Our stocktake scanner software is part of a complete inventory management solution. Finale Inventory also helps with order picking and packing, receiving shipments, transferring stock between locations and more.