BigCommerce Inventory Management

BigCommerce Inventory Management Solution

Let Finale Inventory manage your stock levels so you can focus on growing your business

bigcommerce inventory management, BigCommerce Inventory Management

Finale Inventory has the ability to integrate directly with BigCommerce using two common configurations.

The first configuration allows Finale to connect directly to BigCommerce to automatically sync your orders into Finale and to automatically update your stock levels on BigCommerce after any stock or product change occurs.

Any quantity changes from a stock operation (such as any stock change, stock take, receiving a purchase shipment, sales order stock reservations, or sales shipments) will update your BigCommerce inventory levels within 5 minutes to help you prevent any overselling.  If you also integrate into any other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, Finale will update these channels within 5 minutes as well.BigCommerce Finale Inventory inventory management software integration flow chart.

The second configuration is specific to customers who leverage a third party shipping solution, such as ShipStation or ShippingEasy.  With Finale’s powerful integration tools, this method will be easier than ever.

Using this configuration, it is common practice to use the shipping solution to sync with all of your sales channels and not Finale directly.  This allows you to manage and ship all of your orders from one central location.  For the following examples, we will be referencing ShipStation as the shipping solution.

Many ShipStation users connect to several marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. as well as one or more BigCommerce websites.  ShipStation allows you to centralize all of these orders in one place to manage your shipping, send out notifications, and many other features.  The only thing missing in this process is centralized inventory management.  This is where Finale comes in.

Much like how in the first configuration Finale connected directly to BigCommerce, in this configuration, Finale connects directly to ShipStation to sync all orders every 5 minutes.  Once we do, your inventory is immediately updated and the updates are then communicated to all of your integrations, such as BigCommerce.  Finale will also communicate any changes from a stock operation (as described in configuration 1) to all integrations.

bigcommerce inventory management, BigCommerce Inventory Management

If your company already leverages ShipStation, you can add Finale without having to change anything in your current shipping process.  Using ShipStation’s API, Finale will communicate with ShipStation behind the scenes to update the orders within Finale as you ship them out in ShipStation.  Finale will also update the inventory accordingly.

The second configuration also allows users to leverage Finale Inventory’s integrated mobile barcoding solution.

Benefits Using Finale’s BigCommerce Inventory Management Solution

Simple Integration. Finale only takes seconds to set up.  With only a few clicks within BigCommerce, you can generate API credentials for Finale to immediately communicate with your store.

Automatically Update your BigCommerce Store. Whether you use ShipStation or connect directly, Finale streamlines your inventory and automatically ensures that all of your stock levels are always up to date.

Multiple Marketplace Support. Finale allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your entire inventory across all of your marketplaces (BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.).  The benefit of using ShipStation is, even if we don’t directly integrate with a particular marketplace, if ShipStation does, then Finale can also bring in that sales data as well.

Support for Multiple SKUs for a Unique Product.  It isn’t uncommon for a seller to have a different SKU across each marketplace for the same product.  Finale allows you to create as many aliases, or Product Lookups, to one product as you need.    Finale also uses these Product Lookups to push stock out to all of your marketplaces, so if you get a sale using one SKU from Walmart, Finale will know to update the stock level for its associated SKU on BigCommerce, Amazon, and eBay, ensuring you’re always accurate and up to date across all marketplaces.

Inventory Forecasting. Finale can help you manage your stock levels using intuitive and intelligent reorder tools.  Stock levels can be maintained using dynamic reorder points that alert you when stock levels drop below a desired threshold and auto-populate a purchase order based on set parameters.  Finale can also leverage your sales history to predict an ideal stock level based on your sales velocity, which has the ability to also take into account variables such as processing time, supplier lead time, desired safety stock and expected sales growth.  Each of these tools allows you to invest more time in what matters, running an efficient business without having to spend time worrying about not having enough product to sell.

High Sales Volume Support. Whether you’re a small business shipping 5 orders a week, or a large, multi-platform retailer doing 800K transactions a month, Finale can effectively support your needs.   We truly can scale to whatever size you need.

Multiple Shipping Location Support. With Finale’s multi-location capabilities, you can easily manage your inventory across multiple locations and shipping warehouses.

Product Kitting. Track your inventory with even greater accountability using Finale’s ability to do a product kit/bundle.  Finale has the capability to track your inventory at the individual level and push out the available kit quantities as well.  Now you’ll be able to sell an item individually and the kit quantity will automatically update based on the available quantities of the components.  Alternatively, when you sell a kit, Finale will automatically know to decrement inventory from each component instead.

Avoid Stock Outs. With Finale’s near real-time stock updates and order syncing, we can help you avoid costly stock-outs.

Status Change Automation.  If enabled, Finale can help streamline your shipping process by automatically putting orders in ON HOLD status in ShipStation when there isn’t sufficient inventory in stock.  When those products are received, Finale will automatically move those orders to Awaiting Shipment in ShipStation.  This automation will help you save time in shipping.