Partner Profile: A2X

Unlock a Complete Profitability Picture with A2X, QuickBooks Online and Finale Inventory

A2X is the leading accounting software that helps eCommerce companies aggregate sales transaction data and automate financial reporting. With their deep relationship with QuickBooks Online, countless sellers rely on their platform to get sales, seller fees, advertising costs and more into their ledgers. And now, when sellers work with both A2X and Finale Inventory, they can unlock back-of-house data to help tell the full story about profitability.

A Complimentary Workflow

A2X Pushes Sales Data

Sales, shipping, sales Tax, reimbursements, refunds, promo rebates, advertising costs and seller fees are pushed into QuickBooks Online. A2X makes it possible to reconcile your  sales data with accurate payouts and reconciliations.

Finale Pushes Order Data

Product quantity per sales channel sent to QuickBooks Online. Updated quantities automatically updated with sales channels. Automate accurate inventory asset, value and COGS tracking, including kits and bundle materials.

Both A2X and Finale Inventory are connected to top eCommerce marketplaces and webstores, making accounting for multichannel sellers easy through data automation.


In addition, with supplier information and purchase orders stored in Finale, sellers can sync expenses throughout the supply chain to QuickBooks Online through the robust integration we offer. This provides a truly holistic, financial view of their business: from PO to sales order to shipping label, it's all tracked and accounted for.


How Finale, A2X and QuickBooks Online Work Together

Only Finale Inventory can send data to QuickBooks Online in a way that compliments how A2X does. Whereas all other inventory management solutions duplicates and/or overrides the same line-itemed data, Finale Inventory's custom reporting tools means businesses are in control of what and how they send data into QuickBooks Online.


Set an initial start date for the data sync to record in QuickBoooks Online as not to overlap time periods with A2X' feeds.

Sync specific order data by filtering the sales source to match up against A2X' transaction data that's fed into   QuickBooks (Online).


Supplement A2X' sales data with kits and bundle costs, making sure everything is being tracked.

The Finale Advantage

Finale powers users with enhanced reporting abilities to stay ahead of important metrics. With custom reporting features that align data exactly how users need, teams have consistent visibility into their profitability and financial standing at all time. Plus, with scheduled, exported reporting, sellers can better reconcile their inventory or do even more with Microsoft Power BI or our Google Drive integration.


Sellers love that Finale's platform tracks and reports granular levels of data throughout the product journey. With custom and consolidated reporting, Finale's intuitive analytics can bring visibility to the business from the beginning of the supply chain with raw materials, to cost of landed goods, to a sales order and ultimately COGS.


The end result is automated, accurate and comprehensive data to make the best business decisions. Spend less time tracking down numbers and copying them over into your accounting books. Start working with A2X and Finale Inventory today and have a complete financial ecosystem that streamlines your financial management.