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Gain Accuracy, Improve Operations

Leverage Finale's Warehouse Management System to Maximize Profitability

Accurate management of your SKUs comes down to effective processes to manage the counts, locations and allocations of your products.

Get your teams aligned with your warehouse - and across multiple warehouse locations- with Finale's warehouse management suite of tools for greater profit margins.

Increase warehouse productivity with Finale Inventory's cloud-based platform:


Manage products from receipt to put aways, for transfer orders or sales order fulfillment, and for stock takes and cycle counts

Facilitate efficient storage and quick access to inventory through the strategic use of sublocations

Guidance through various pick and pack methods

Simplify and automate shipping processes with plug-and-play integrations

Team training is done quickly and with consistency for quality assurance across repeatable processes


Finale Warehouse Management: Where Productivity Meets Process

multi-warehouse management

Multi-Warehouse Management

Multiple buildings, singular workflow

From two to twenty other warehouses, your team stays connected through data and an automated, cloud-based warehouse management system. Gain visibility into products and productivity with Finale.

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Power up warehouse workflows

Revolutionize your warehouse workflows by transforming fragmented steps into streamlined processes. Gain in-depth visibility of your stock at every stage of the selling journey.

Barcode scanner
Shelved stock

Put Aways and Sublocations

Pinpointed product locations

Always know exactly what you have, where it is, and how much is available. Item sublocations make stock put aways and pick and pack processes easy.

Inventory Audits

Dreaded audits are a thing of the past...

With up-to-the-minute syncs across sales channels and your warehouses, having accurate counts (and doing inventory audits) is available on-demand with Finale.

Demand Forecasting
Custom Reporting

Cloud-Based Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and warehouse from one screen

Manage your full inventory lifecycle from one centralized system. Finale acts as your operational hub to track and report on reorder points, purchase orders, sublocations, sales orders and more.

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Favorite Finale Inventory Features:

Kits and Bundles

Virtual kits with item-level and
grouped inventory tracking.

Barcode Labeling

Improve your business by eliminating uncertainty from your accounting process.

Inventory Financials

Get accurate ecommerce reporting
you can trust.