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In 2016, the founders of IDK decided to change the focus of their business, and moving away from marketing other people’s products, to instead creating their own from scratch.

With this significant change in their business model, they brought in Todd Spendley, who focuses on the operations of the business. Best known for their Manscaped product line, in this new venture IDK controlled everything from supply chain to product development, to marketing and distribution. With the decision to launch a product line that would be fully developed in-house, also came the decision to use a warehouse management system.

Todd found that when he bought a “more traditional old school warehouse management system it was super clunky and was shocked to find out that it didn’t really accommodate our needs, even though our needs were not very complicated”. They wanted their inventory to be debited at the end of a transaction rather than at fulfillment, and after looking into many alternatives IDK decided that Finale Inventory was the right system for them. 

In terms of customer service, Todd tells us he thinks that this “has been one of the most impressive thing!” The onboarding was done in less than 48 hours, “It was ridiculously fast compared to other software where it just drags on for weeks. It said a lot that their relationship managers was ready and that everything was already dialed in, we just set it up and we were off and running”. Furthermore “I always get a response within a couple of hours when I send in a trouble ticket. They are able to resolve things quickly”.

In addition to offering the functionality, they found that Finale also proved to be “up to date, agile, flexible, and understood the needs of e-commerce”.   Finale “didn’t try to force us into a traditional workflow that was based on an outdated model… The other thing was also price, the fact that it was SAAS, and therefore wasn’t a huge investment up front. A lot of factors went into why we went with Finale.”

Since starting to use Finale Inventory and ShipStation as their shipping solution, IDK has gone from using fewer than six SKUs to using over hundreds and the order volume has increased six fold. As IDK has grown and gone on to turn raw materials into finished goods, and from selling products individually to also selling them in kits. The kitting feature makes it easy to track their component inventory when a kit is sold.

Todd Spendley

Todd Spendley
VP of Operations

Working With Finale Inventory to Boost Success

They have been able to take advantage of Finale Inventory’s extensive functionality which they find to be “very user-friendly and effective for our needs”. They “didn’t have to go anywhere else because Finale was well suited to take us to that next level of what I call two-tiered inventory management.

With a significant increase in the number of SKUs and increased order volume, keeping enough products on the shelves has been a challenging endeavor.  The challenges of reordering is compounded due to the different lead times of the various products.  Some  products are sourced domestically and can be obtained in a few days while others products are sourced from Asia and can take months before they are delivered.

The purchasing team has been using Finale's new dynamic reordering capabilities that leverages the sales velocity of a product in additional other customer inputs – supplier lead time, desired safety stock, and expected sales growth — to calculate dynamic reorder point to allow them to make smarter, faster purchasing decisions.    The purchasing team has been using this feature for the past couple months and have been ecstatic with how much the heavy lifting Finale does to calculate the reorder points.

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By Carly Newman