OE Wheels, LLC

OE Wheels

OEwheels LLC is a company that specializes in providing aftermarket wheels that often replicate the designs of original equipment (OE) wheels from various automobile manufacturers. Their offerings typically cater to customers who are looking for replacement wheels that maintain the factory look of their vehicles or those who want the aesthetic of a particular OE design on a different vehicle. The company emphasizes quality and safety in its products, ensuring that the wheels meet or exceed industry standards.

OE Wheels FTP Flow chart

Using OE Wheels as a Supplier Feed in Finale not only gives you a streamlined view of availability inside Finale but you can also show these quantities on your Marketplace. This will give your customers an array of options to choose from.


The connection is simple. Speak with your sales representative at OE Wheels and request an Emailed Inventory Feed daily.  See the guide below to learn how to effectively connect Finale to pull from the email daily feed via FTP.