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Simplified Procurement for Optimized Stock Replenishment

Finale Inventory is your one-stop shop for product planning

Navigating the complexities of product procurement and reordering, supplier timelines, and inventory management strategies can be taxing for sellers. Enter Finale. We tackle these challenges head-on, streamlining your reordering workflows to enhance your business readiness, which in turn increases your profitability.

Get the most out of your procurement process to:

Minimize overselling and rush order costs by optimizing stock levels

Understand inventory variances that affect profitability

Enhance vendor management with supplier feeds and purchase orders

Manage FBA and other marketplace demand forecasting, reordering, and inbound shipments.

Integrate with QuickBooks Online to ensure precise landed costs calculations for a full financial picture.

How Finale sellers gain visibility into their supply chain management:

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Product planning and reordering

Plan smarter, not harder

Evaluate product demand with automated reorder reports based on min and max stock level settings, which use historical sales data to avoid overselling and overstocking.

Kits and bundles

From bits to complete kits

Monitor sales velocity of individual components within kits and bundles, as well as the overall bundle SKU, to determine which items require replenishment.

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Purchase orders

Put purchasing on auto-pilot

Simplify reordering processes with automatically populated purchase orders based on min/max levels to drive efficient and reliable restocking.

Supplier management

Building trust, one shipment at a time

Streamline your supply chain process with supplier database management, built-in supplier feeds, and lead time calculations to effectively track your stock.

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Supplier billing

Invoices: settled. Accounts: paid. Books: balanced.

See your supplier invoices and their payment status. Seamlessly match your purchase order with what you actually received and what you paid for with three-way matching.

From procurement and beyond, Finale has you covered:

Align your recorded stock with actual physical counts.

Organize your inventory down to the smallest unit.

Enhance your operations with comprehensive barcoding solutions.

Navigate the world of demand planning: