Stock Transfers

Inventory Transfer Procedure

These videos show the process of conducting a stock transfer using our software. The stock transfer function is the process of moving the stock inventory from one location to another location.  With multi location support, you can transfer stock between sublocations while Finale still keeps track of how many you have on hand.

Finale also have the ability to conduct stock changes using a mobile barcode scanner.

Quick Stock Transfers

How to Perform a Quick Stock Transfer

Batch Stock Transfers

How to Perform a Batch Stock Transfer

Video Transcription of Quick Stock Transfers

Hi, this is Jacie with Finale Inventory. Today we are talking about stock transfers. In Finale, if you have stock, and for example, we're gonna use this product here, JAC02, which is a journal. Right now I have it stored in my main location. You can see the quantity on hand reflected here. If I need to move this to a different location or even to a virtual FBA or a 3PL location, I can do that through the stock transfer screen.

So I'm going to come here to stock transfer, select my product, and select where it's coming from. I will enter the number of units I'm transferring and then select where I am sending those units to. Here, I'm sending it over to my East facility. I'm gonna commit the stock transfer. When I do this, if we go look at my view stock here, you can see I now have eight units in my Main and two in my East facility.

That is how to conduct a stock transfer in Finale. If you have any questions, please email us

Video Transcription of Batch Stock Transfers

Hi, this is Jacue with Finale Inventory. Today we are talking about batch stock transfers in Fiinale if I have my product, and here you can see I have a hat, scarf, and gloves. This is my quantity on hand, and if I hit the dropdown, you can see these are located in my West facility. If I want to move these items, I can do that individually via a stock transfer.

I would select my product, select where I'm shipping it from, where it's going to, and how many, and commit the stock transfer. If you want to move items in bulk or more than one item at a time, you can do this through the batch stock transfer shipment screen. So here we're going to select create batch stock transfer shipment, and it'll populate with our products here you would simply enter the number you are shipping to the alternative location..

You can enter where you are shipping it from and where you are shipping it to. And then here, all we need to do is define where we are shipping it. So in this case, we're gonna double click here and enter the location we are shipping to. And we'll do this for each of the items that we are shipping.

Now that we have defined where they are coming from and where they are going to and which sub location we are dropping them in, we need to save our changes and then we can ship the shipment. Shipping the shipment is like saying these items are in transit. They are no longer in our West facility, but they have not yet reached Main.

You can see here our quantity on hand is now zero. We do not physically have this in our warehouses because it is currently reflected in the units and transit. So to receive these items, we'll go back to our stock transfer and we'll receive the shipment. So if we b come back to our view stock screen, we can now see these units, quantity on hand, reflected in our main location.

If you have any questions following this tutorial, please do not hesitate to reach out to