Detailed FBA Inventory Management

No more questioning where your FBA stock is: get clarity with Finale

Finale goes beyond basic FBA inventory updates to provide a clear vision of your inventory counts and status with detailed tracking.

Even better: with Finale, you won't pay a lot for it.

Knowledge is power with FBA inventory management

Managing inventory for FBA is a complex and costly endeavor. Being able to not only follow along with - but get ahead of - steps and timing from Amazon's fulfillment centers is critical to sellers' success and being able to sell on Amazon profitably.

Finale makes timely FBA insights possible:

as fast as Amazon pushes data, Finale pulls it in

Be confident in what you need to reorder for FBA and when to do so

Ensure timely, accurate shipments to FBA fulfillment centers to avoid penalty fees

Manage transfer orders and inbound shipments with robust milestone updates

Reserve FBA inventory separate from your other stock to prevent selling through it

Understand up-to-the-minute stock levels at FBA and across all sales channels for a holistic view of your inventory

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Sync your brand with Finale and get the industry's fastest FBA feeds

Omnichannel inventory hub

Omnichannel and Amazon FBA inventory management

You're one business, get one global inventory view

You'll get help to avoid overselling with Finale, and also to avoid over committing inventory. When your quantity on hand is split across multiple sales channels including FBA, allotting the right amount of inventory to each is challenging. 

What’s available to sell through Amazon FBA?

You'll never question this again

Demystify the process of what happens after products leave your warehouse. Whether your shipped items are received and listed or are lost, being researched or transferred, be confident knowing what’s available to sell, if there’s a discrepancy, and what’s being processed.

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Finale Amazon Status

Guidance for your Amazon FBA business plan

Know what, from where, and when to reorder FBA products

Based on your rate of sales, Finale will send notifications for what’s running low and what you need to get ahead of, ensuring you’re avoiding extra FBA fees. Issue transfer orders and track transfer shipments seamlessly from Finale.

Scan for FBA Transfer Orders

Transferring stock to FBA has never been easier

Save hours and ensure accuracy with Finale's barcoding system. Beyond issuing the FBA transfer order, Finale can help your warehouse team to efficiently pick, pack and ship out product to Amazon's fulfillment centers.

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Custom Reporting

Actionable FBA accounting insights

Know your COGS and inventory valuation with ease

With great sales gains come great responsibility, operational and financial. With Finale reflecting supplier and real-time updates on FBA stock takes, timely stock valuations are possible.