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Pick and Pack Fulfillment Using Finale Inventory

Optimizing your warehouse and order fulfillment processes is crucial for keeping up with the growing popularity of e-commerce. That optimization starts with the e-commerce pick and pack process, where employees pull ordered items from your warehouse shelves and prepare them for shipping. Cloud-based warehouse management software can help your business streamline these processes, increase order accuracy and exceed customer expectations.

In addition to single order picking and wave picking, Finale Inventory supports pick and pack order fulfillment — a common batch picking process that can reduce travel times and improve productivity. Our product's pick and pack functionality employs an optional mobile barcode scanner to improve overall accuracy and accountability by ensuring warehouse workers pick the correct item.


What Is Pick and Pack Fulfillment?

Pick and pack fulfillment is a process in which a business receives orders for products, and then selects, packs, and ships those products to the customers who placed the orders.  Pick and pack fulfillment is a two-step order fulfillment method that involves two processes — picking and packing.

The "pick" part of the process refers to selecting the products from the warehouse or inventory to fulfill the order. This is typically done by a warehouse worker or an automated system that scans barcodes to identify the products.

The "pack" part of the process refers to packaging the selected products for shipping, which usually includes preparing the shipping label, and any additional packaging materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts.


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In this first step of the pick and pack model, a manager generates a consolidated list of stock-keeping units (SKUs) to pick, which eliminates the need for multiple trips and allows workers to collect the items required for several shipments at once.

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Once the picker has collected everything on their list, they move to the packing stage of order processing. At this point, the order is handed off to another team member, who scans each item again and prepares it for shipment. With Finale Inventory, the second scan brings an additional measure of quality control and real-time visibility into your physical inventory.

While other order fulfillment models exist, many businesses find that pick and pack is one of the easiest ways to improve transparency while running a productive operation, especially for organizations that process a high volume of orders.

Learn How to Pick and Pack Using the Mobile Barcode Scanner

Check out the video below to learn more about our Pick and Pack batch order fulfillment picking solution.

"Before we started using Finale's Pick and Pack method, we had an order error rate of 2-3%, so that means out of 100 orders that we shipped, we’d hear from 2 or 3 customers complaining that they got the wrong color, they got the wrong size, they got the wrong quantity.  On average, since we started using Finale, we’ve gone to 0.2% error rate.  We even went 30 days without a single shipping error."

Brett Haney

President, Microfiber Wholesale


Benefits of Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment

Pick and pack order fulfillment is best for processing a steady volume of deliveries. For example, it may not be appropriate for organizations with seasonal shifts in demand. However, because Finale Inventory's cloud-based architecture is scalable to accommodate your growth, it's suitable for both large and small operations.

Key benefits of pick and pack batch order picking include:

Speed and efficiency:

Batch order picking results in reduced travel times, as employees can fulfill multiple orders in one trip. In addition, Finale Inventory's barcode pick and pack system automatically directs team members on the most efficient route between SKUs, making them more productive while they're on the floor.

Improved accuracy:

The second significant benefit to pick and pack is its accuracy — with real-time inventory updates and a two-step scanning process, the risk of an error is reduced, which translates to improved customer satisfaction and fewer returns for your sales team to process.

Useful insights:

Finally, batch shipping with Finale Inventory makes real-time inventory data accessible from any workstation or mobile device. As a result, you can look at up-to-the-minute, accurate inventory data and make informed business decisions on the go.

Pick and pack batch order picking is just one of the many advanced capabilities Finale Inventory offers. Our product integrates with a wide range of enterprise software packages to make your workflow smarter and more streamlined.


Warehouse Picking Best Practices

Here are some steps you can take to improve the picking and packing process in your warehouse:

Choose the right picking strategy:

You need to choose a picking strategy that will address your warehouse's specific challenges. Choosing a strategy that is too advanced for your warehouse will result in limited efficiency gains, if any — however, a solution that is too basic can stunt business growth. Consider implementing simple inventory software to enhance your strategy without cluttering up your workflow.

Optimize warehouse layout:

Organize your warehouse with the goal of reducing travel time in mind. For example, use your sales information to determine which products are most popular and place them closer to the picking area entrance. Additionally, try to minimize touches — this will reduce the risk of damaged stock in addition to boosting picking efficiency.

Identify strengths and weaknesses:

Sometimes, just one or two flaws in the system hold the entire operation back. Analyze your current picking and packing processes to pinpoint what's working well — and where improvement may be needed. Be sure to give every stage of the process a thorough review, including picking face labels, ordering sheets and choosing locations.

Increase operational visibility:

Using an integrated warehouse management system (WMS) provides easy access to your inventory data across all your warehouse and retail locations. To get the most out of your system, make sure to properly sync your WMS with any third-party integrations you might need, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting software.

Leverage mobile technology:

Mobile barcode scanners and similar tools help pickers find products more quickly, reducing turnaround time and boosting efficiency. With Finale Inventory, a barcode scanner guides the picker on the most efficient route and confirms that each item is accurate. Access to this data enables you to strategically schedule orders and make informed business decisions.

Partner With Finale Inventory to Optimize Your Pick and Pack Operations

Maximize your organization's pick and pack efficiency with Finale Inventory's cloud-based warehouse management software. Our system integrates with various models of barcode scanners to help pickers more quickly find the products they're looking for and provides real-time updates to your inventory data.

Plus, integration with third-party applications like Shopify, QuickBooks, Faire and more allow you to consolidate all your business data into one user-friendly interface. Gain complete visibility into every sales channel and warehouse in your organization while eliminating duplicate data and automating redundant processes.

Schedule a live demonstration to see our pick and pack scanner software in action, or sign up for a free trial to test it out for yourself.