Automated Email Reorder Notifications

This video shows the process of automated email reorder notifications with our software. This is a great feature to allow you to know when you are low on stock and when you should place a reorder.

automated email reorder notifications, Automated Email Reorder Notifications

This process allows you to focus on other things while Finale handles this for you. It is an automatic feature that you don’t even need to be logged in for. See the video below for instruction:

Automated Email Reorder Notifications

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Video Transcription

Hello. This is Mike, Finale Inventory. In this short video, we’re gonna talk about automated reorder email notifications. Finale has a great new feature where you can receive notifications when a product is out of stock or when it drops below its re-order point. You don’t even have to be logged into Finale at all so this will happen automatically. So let me show you how this works.

We’ll go to this demo account here and there’s a couple of things that you have to get set up and understand about the re-order notifications. So you need to have a product set up and that product has to have a re-order point defined on it. Once you have a re-order point defined on it then if your stock level drops below that point then that generates or creates a re-order condition. Now when you have a re-order condition it will show up on the re-order screen here. And if you have turned on notifications you will then get a notification emailed to you automatically and you will not have to be logged on to get that notification. So I kind of went to the reorder screen here just to show you that there’s no products in this demo account that are meeting the re-order condition.

So let’s go back and let’s check out our products here and we’re gonna use the jeans here as this part number PT-0001 as an example. So if we look at the details on this product you’ll see that we have three different stock locations. We have an Alabama location, a Florida location, and a Texas location. And that’s also echoed here in the purchasing section on the product here. So we have an Alabama location, a Texas and a Florida. I’ve set up a re-order point that’s different for each of the different warehouse locations. So, for example, Alabama has, if the stock drops below 5, then it should trigger a re-order point and it should re-order up to a maximum of 15 units. Florida’s set at 7 and get to 10, and Texas is set at 10 and get up to 20. So those are individual settings that you can set.

If you only have one location then you would just have a standard re-order point, but this is more of a complex example. So let’s see what happens. So you’ll notice that right now there’s not a re-order point because the Alabama location, the stock is at seven which means it’s above the five. Florida is at nine on hand and which is above the seven. And Texas is at 10…or is at 14 which is above the 10. So for us to get a re-order condition met, the stock level, you know, at one of these locations, it needs to drop below these points. So we’re gonna demonstrate that by entering in a sale. All right. But before we do that let’s set up the notification. How do you turn on the automated email reorder notifications? So you do that from the application settings.

So we’re gonna go from the home screen, just go to application settings and you’re gonna go to the user tab. So each notification can be set up differently for each user. So if you’ll notice I’ve got two users here, a Demo QuickBooks Online user, and notice this is a key thing, you have to have an email entered in for the account. So for this particular demonstration, I’m gonna use this email or this user and email. So we should get the notification sent to myself,

So to turn on the automated email reorder notifications you gotta go to the notification section here and then here is where you’ll see each user will be highlighted here. Okay. And we’re gonna be paying attention to this Demo QuickBooks Online user. And we wanna turn on whether or not we want a notification sent to us. So right now they’re both disabled. You can elect to get a re-order change sent to you on every single product whenever it reaches below or makes it below its re-order point. Or you can elect just to get a re-order summary which would be more of a summarized email sent all at one time, less frequent, okay, instead of receiving an email on each individual product.

So let’s just demo this by saying, hey, let’s turn on the automated email reorder notifications and we’re going to say, hey, this should be automatically, which means it runs continuously. And then you can even set whether or not you want notifications by all locations or maybe just a specific warehouse or a specific location. But for now we’re just gonna leave it as all locations. So that’s the options you can set. Once you turn that on then you just hit save now. So now that we’ve saved it we’ve got the notifications sent. Now, the frequency of this notification, Finale scans your account every…a few times an hour, and so it will then create the condition and send the email when the parts go below the re-order points every…when it scans every few times an hour. All right. So it’s not instantaneous but it will eventually notify you several times an hour.

All right. So now that we’ve turned on notifications from the users tab under application settings, let’s go create the re-order condition. All right. So if we go back from the home you’ll see that, hey, our stock levels are pretty much okay. So if I wanna look at these pants products, you know, we’ve got 30 available and we’ve got various amounts in each of the locations. But let’s put an order in, let’s put an order in for three which for the Alabama location which will drop this stock on hand availability below its re-order point because the re-order point for Alabama’s at five. So what we’re going to do is go over to the sale and we’ve got an example sale here. I’ve got the sale origin set for Alabama. And let’s just add the pants to the order. So I’m at the jeans on here and of course let’s make an order for three units. That should drop it below the minimum. So I’m gonna order three pants of this product, and as soon as I mark it committed, remember that a stock change…nothing’s gonna happen until we change that sale from editable to committed. So we’re going to actually mark it committed. So now that we’ve committed this to being on order then that sets the stock conditions into action.

So now you’ll see that our availability has dropped below our quantity on hand. And you’ll notice that, hey, it’s minus three units at the Alabama which means the availability for Alabama is gonna be technically a four. So we can check that to understand, hey, did our re-order point actually happen? So if we look at our work screen, look at that. So it does tell us that we’ve got this supplier and for this warehouse in Alabama, we’ve got this product, the PT-0001, which is triggering an automated email reorder notification. So the available at that location is now four because it’s at seven, but with the order placed it drops it to four, which means five is the re-order point. We’re at 4 availability which means we need to create an order but we’re gonna get it back up to 15. So between… It needs to get to 15 based on the settings that we’ve set and we’ve got 4 available which means we need to order 11. So this creates the condition for the automated email reorder notifications.

So now a notification will be emailed automatically to me or which I’m representing the Demo QuickBooks Online user. So you could then know to log in here and actually create the purchase order for this particular supplier on this product. So let’s take a look at the email. So we should get the email in our inbox and here is an example of the email. So you can see in the subject line it says, “Hey, there’s been a re-order change. The jeans product at the location of Alabama has reached its re-order point.” So you can just click on it and you’ll see the nice summary email. That’s what you get in your inbox to show you that you need to order. So there is an example of how to do the automated email reorder notifications in Finale Inventory.