Automated Email Reorder Notifications

This video shows the process of automated email reorder notifications with our software. This is a great feature to allow you to know when you are low on stock and when you should place a reorder.

This process allows you to focus on other things while Finale handles this for you. It is an automatic feature that you don’t even need to be logged in for. See the video below for instruction:

Automated Email Reorder Notifications

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Juanita with Finale, and today we’re gonna talk about automated email reorder notifications. Finale has a reordering feature, which allows you to focus on growing your business while taking the guesswork out of reordering.

The first thing we wanna do is we wanna go into Finale. We wanna go into reordering. And here you will see displayed the various products that need to be reorder. As you can see, in my case, I only have the A-100 Granny Smith apples. You have two different filters, your location and supplier filter. Right now the only supplier I have for this product is AAA company, and then I do have stock in all three locations.

To have Finale notified you via email. All we need to do is go into application settings. We’re gonna go to users notifications, and then you have two different types of notifications. You can have a reorder alert, which will run frequently, which also allows you to filter by location if there’s a specific person in charge of a specific location.And then we have a reordering summary, which runs in this four different sequences. Once you’ve selected the one that you prefer, you can also use the location filter. Then we wanna make sure to save changes.

So what does the certification look like on our emails? So let’s take a look.

In this case is the reorder summary and just like in a reordering screen, we able to see the product and the location for each of those products in this case. It just resembles the way that it does in or reordering screen with a quantity to order 450. And the reason for this is because we have a reordering point 300 telling Finale that one source stock reaches below 300 to let us know that it’s time to reorder. And then we also have a reordering point max of 500 letting finale. Know that we do wanna make sure we have to get as close to 500 as possible. In this case, the 450 is coming from, or quantity on hand only being 50 and Finale wanted wanting us to get as close as possible to that reordering point max. The same thing happens in our two other locations of East coast warehouse and or regular warehouse.

So this includes automated email reorder notifications. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at