Case Study official logo is a product and service based company founded in 2005 that is focused on seniors 55 and older.  They strives to provide the right tools and education to help create an environment for seniors to live longer while improving their quality of life.

Shifting to eCommerce in 2016, quickly outgrew their original workflow of spreadsheets and manual inventory counting and began looking for an eCommerce inventory solution.  "We chose Finale based on the quality of product, the cloud based system, and the ease of use" - Jeff Dailey, CEO.

"We were using spreadsheets for everything.  We could have a hundred different spreadsheets for a hundred different vendors", Jesse Dunn (COO) told us. "It became out of control quickly.  Finale has completely streamlined our business". initially started with just a handful of suppliers and SKUs and quickly grew.  Spreadsheets could no longer keep up with the volume that was required to effectively run the company.

"Our growth was limited using spreadsheets, dealing with a lot of manual processes.  Finale really opened the door for us", Jeff Daily said. "In the last 5 years we've grown from five thousand SKUs to nearly a million."

"In the first year we used Finale, we saved close to $50,000 by identifying items that were being billed incorrectly from our suppliers"

Through Finale Inventory's Purchase Orders, was able to identify nearly $50,000 worth of invoices that were overbilled by suppliers.

They use the ability to add negotiated cost information for each SKU. With Finale's purchase order grand totals, it makes identifying inaccurate vendor bills quick and easy.

Inaccurate inventory is costly, and's customer support team knows that better than anyone.  Utilizing Finale for accurate, up to date stock details is an important aspect of their day-to-day operations. Nearly all of the support team relying on Finale Inventory every day.

In addition to relying on accurate stock levels, also relies heavily on the accuracy of reporting within Finale Inventory.

“We have 12 people but a million products.  That's a very unique thing to be able to do.  I'd highly recommend Finale to any business owner"

Jeff Dailey Headshot

Jeff Dailey, CEO

Reporting is an important part of their workflow.  Features like inventory valuation and various other stock reports help them accomplish this.  Finale allows to utilize every tool available to grow. "It gave us reporting analytics to understand how much money we have in our warehouse", Jesse Dunn said.

"If we had to do things manually on spreadsheets, we'd probably need to have at least 3 times as many employees" showroom 1

"The biggest area of growth we've seen is from implementing Sales Velocity reordering within Finale. We're able to track and identify products and purchase inventory based on lead time.  It's been very successful at keeping our inventory at the right levels so we don't lose out on sales when items are out of stock from our manufacturers", Jeff Dailey said.

"Finale eliminated the manual process and that's when we decided to transition over to Finale Inventory, and we never looked back", Jesse Dunn told us.

"It allows us to maximize our time" - Jeff Dailey


The initial implementation of Finale Inventory was seamless for  Customer service was a major selling point in addition to all of the other features Finale offered for Jeff and Jesse. Chair 2 Wheelchair Scooter Hanging Chair

"We started in 2016 with 250 SKUs, and have grown to generate $12 million in sales in 2021.  Finale was a great tool for us."

Jeff Dailey, CEO use Finale Inventory to track inventory, pick orders, receive purchase shipments, automatically reorder inventory, receive notifications, and manage marketplace inventory on various eCommerce selling channels.

Learn more about Finale Inventory by browsing our website, or better yet, check out our other customer success stories to learn more!

By Fred Ferrari